Friday, July 20, 2007

Easily distracted

So after a long and drawn out battle, not only are all 5 children asleep, I also have had a chance to eat. (I started making my lunch after 3 today...TGIF, for fuck's sake!) I have removed all the evidence of the wreck that was our lunch today, and am hoping the girls sleep until their mom gets here, cause damn. I need a break. Which is why I'm on the internets, right? The web is full of distraction, information, email, video and porn. Yet when I sit down my brain apparently flies directly out of my ass and I can't remember what the hell I wanted to look up. The Fuck? Was it sleeping patterns for toddlers? How to install carpet? Henna designs? I really really just don't know.

Tonight J and I are going to watch "Inferno" by Dario Argento. It's the second of his Mothers series (or something) and "Suspiria" was pretty good, so what the hell? We'll have some red wine, pass the hell out before the second act, and like Suspiria, have to try at least 3 times to get through it. It's not that the movie is going to be bad or boring, it's just that lately we've become old. And parents. Of Sumara. (She doesn't sleeeeeeep....) So no matter what our lovely intentions are, it's Friday and we're beaten. We need to lie down for a bit.

Tomorrow, however, tomorrow we will stay up until midnight! (Maybe!) We have a date night, with OVERNIGHT (jesuschrist if my mother cancels the overnight part at the last minute again I'm going to beat my head against a wall until I pass out) babysitting for our Wee. It's been at least 6 months since we had an actual date, what with really sleeping in and all the good shit like that, so I booked a bed and breakfast near where we're going to be. Which is in our town. But I'm really hooked on the idea of walking around our town, seeing a movie at our independent small movie theater, having a nice dinner and a few drinks, and having nothing pressing to do. Because we want to go to this nice, small theater we didn't have a huge selection of movies to chose from. We had exactly 3. Three. Movies. One of which is an Adam Sandler dump on screen, one is a serious documentary, and one was Transformers. Well, fuck. Transformers it is, because I WILL NOT BE DEPRESSED ON DATE NIGHT. When I confirmed our reservation at the B&B this morning, the nice lady upgraded us to the larger suite because no one else was staying there this weekend. I think I might bring her some flowers. Aside from the fact that is was a damn sweet thing to do, she also made sure she had Vegan breakfast for us. I am ready fro date night. I am ready fro a date, a good night's sleep, and not going to our troubled place of worship the next morning. J might go...that's fine with me. We need to check out by noon, so as long as I can get up, shower, eat, relax and walk over to our fellowship in my own damn time, I'm good.

About the UU Fellowship we belong to: I now firmly believe that people need leaders. Committees suck elephant ass, and too much discussion KILLS US ALL. Poor J is the President right now, so he feels like he must go. I have no such compulsion. My thoughts from the outset have been that, should this "church" thing become a hindrance rather than an uplifting part of our lives, well then friends, I'm out. O. U. T. = out. On one hand I love the people...well, some of the people. Most of the people. I wish no ill on all the people...but the inability to get anything done is one that drives me batshit. So on the other hand...I'm just ready to not have to get up every damn Sunday morning.

Gotta run!

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