Thursday, July 12, 2007

Maybe she gets it from me...

So my kid? My kid is finally asleep. Her father read her to sleep, and his book of choice was Steven King's "On Writing" which I gave him for his 30th birthday. Which was in February. At least he's finally reading it. His X-mas present from'05 is a video game he's still never played.

The pain in the ass detail about all this is that I'm sitting here wide awake at 11:10 pm. I have insomnia, have always had insomnia, and it seems to get worse when I need sleep more. This leads me to believe that my child is more like me than I am ready to handle/too cold to hold. Sorry- anytime a phrase ends in "to handle" the phrase "too cold to hold" gets in my head and has to come out. The added bitch factor is that I don't feel comfortable taking a sleeping pill with a toddler in the house. So I'm up on the night when it's my turn to sleep. Fucktard.

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