Monday, July 16, 2007

Things and people: how to punch them?

Fuck a duck-this week is starting out like a cement enema. J's car decided to shit itself at the grocery store yesterday. AAA came out to the house to jump the car today (I rescued J at the store with Wee in tow last night, but this morning the car wouldn't start again.) We also had a meeting at out Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, a lay-led joint, and people managed to fuck up the simplest of meetings. To top it off AAA can suck my proverbial dick, I'm sick to death of parents that let their 2 1/2 year old get their way by screaming everywhere but at my house, and it's only Monday.

I have the trouble trio (3 sisters I watch-big county daycare clients!) today. Their mom told me she had a court date, and originally she alluded to her divorce. Turns out it was assault and menacing. She dropped the kids off at 7 am, and was supposed to be back in a couple of hours. "Hey!" I thought, "we can go have lunch with J! We can even get the battery changed while we're out! I can run the errands I need to, and maybe even stop and get a shirt for our first date in 6 months-our date THIS SATURDAY! before my 6 pm appointment with my potential new clients." The Universe, however, decided I needed a good whack to the head with a hard plastic bat. The mother of the Trio has not shown up. She may very well be in jail...and how would I know? AAA couldn't put a new battery in the car, because of some bull-shit of other. So I'm sitting in a house with 2 toddlers with mean tempers, NOT eating Chipotle, and realizing that there's no fucking way I'm getting anything done today. Except maybe invoices, but I'll tackle that tonight. Before I have a drink, if I do have a drink tonight. I might not...we'll see how the day goes. But INVOICES! Holy Pope on a stick Batman, INVOICES are more fun than CRACK! YAY!

Please, my sarcasm, I am trying to refine it into a weapon.

There are some good points to today though: I have shaved my legs. I even remembered to shave both of them, so today is not a total loss. I think I'm going to go lay down near the nappers, and just close my eyes.

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