Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time keeps on slippin'

I woke up this morning at 6:31 am, according to our bedroom alarm clock. Which means it was closer to 6:00 am, but that is just fucking fine with me. My child is finally sleeping again. I expect a few slips back and what-not, but Jesus Pleasus, I can actually think again. Hal-e-fuckin-luyah. And speaking of minor miracles: My day care is about to be full. Full as in I'll have 6 kids daily and one waiting in the wings, at least. I'll also have to ship my kid off to her Grandma's once a week in order to keep a neighbor baby that I've been watching since she was 3 months old. All but 2 of the kids are private pay, which means $. Actually it means $$, since county kids are $. And FULL TIME! $$$! Maybe now J won't look like someone is about to shoot his dog every time he opens the mailbox. I hope-I hate seeing him worry. Once all the kids are lined up I'll be making more than I was at my corporate job. Sweeeet.

Now a unrelated subject matter. I started down the blogging path because my friends talked me into LiveJournal. So we could keep up with what was going on with them. Great! It backfires for me, though, because they write about parties we're not invited to. Ouch. I know that there is nothing in the friend contract that states that I need to be invited to every party, but it still makes me feel ... insecure? Left out? Bad, at the very least, to know that I'm slowly fading out of all social life. Not that I ever had much of one, and not that I didn't expect some of this with a kid. But it still smarts a bit. Perhaps in the future I will have a tiny social life again, or at least be invited to events so I can turn down the invitation. Now I'm going to go role-play not being hurt next time I talk to my friend.

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