Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Day Out

Look what I did Saturday!

I've decided that if I don't do the things I really want to do now, I may never get the chance. It's the underlying reason I quit my job and started the day care, it's why I want to get that Etsy shop open, and it's why I paid a grown man to insert metal through my nostril yesterday. I've wanted to do this since I was fourteen or so, and I decided that 15 years was long enough to wait. I'm probably going to catch dome hell from my family, but it's not their face. I'm still amazed that at nearly 30 I'm still afraid of what my parents will say.

After the piercing my friend Jen and I were walking back to the car and we noticed a little shop. It was next door to Modified Soul (the piercing place) and BEHOLD! It was a little shop full of handmade stuff. I felt like I walked into a shop of my people. The shop was called "Sparrowfish" and I found some cool stuff there:

This was one of the few non-handmade things there. It's got everything from silly pet accessories to hand made salves. I've been going through it over and over again, and I still don't think I've seen everything. I also found these cards by artist Nikki McClure. You can find her stuff here. She also had the baby book I wish I would have had when my little one was was beautiful and cool, and it recorded the kinds of things you really want to remember, like the first rainbow or puddle. I love this cherry blossom card. It's called "A New Materialism."

The card on the left is called "Sometimes she talks to crows." I've always loved crows, and I count them religiously. I just love the look on the woman's face.

This is exactly how I feel after working in the garden. You may not see the overwhelming joy and satisfaction through the tired, but it's there. I'm going to frame the cards and hang them, along with the giraffe print my mom gave me for Christmas, and my favorite painting E has done recently. I'll post the results soon. I'm going to re-cover at least one chair tomorrow, so hopefully I can finish that project soon. Pulling out all those staples to recover the chair? See the image above, and there is no hidden joy or satisfaction hidden beneath the surface. That will come once the chairs are finished, or at least once I'm putting staples back in.

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