Monday, January 21, 2008

Enough taunting, now pictures!

Last night I made E her very own purse. She wanted the blue Pooh fabric on the outside, and I used some pink flowery stuff I've been saving for the inside. The front pocket has a hidden pocket for a pen or some colored pencils, and the pocket itself is big enough for a little book.

Here's a detail shot. I'm not sure if you can see it, but I really, really suck at hand sewing.

You may, at this point, be wondering about the layout of today's post. I am, too. I need to read up on the help section of Blogger, because in addition to not having my pictures and writing plastered in a spastic fashion all over the page, I'd also like to figure out some of the more detailed things, like how to add links, a blog roll, that kind of stuff.

So once I get Blogger figured out, we'll be in business. Back to the crafting, I made a book to go in the pocket. Here is a picture of the book after it had been received and tested:

This was really easy to make. I just took some index cards, put rubber cement down one side and squished it around a bit to make sure a little got between each card. I then took a small fabric scrap, applied a little fabric glue and "bound" the book with it. The pages will stay in, but can be pulled out similar to how a post-it note works. (They have no post-it properties, however.) This is how legal pads and the like are made. I guess those summers at Copy-Max paid off!

Bonus inside shot!

All photos were taken on my couch today. I hope you enjoyed the high quality photo shoot I set up there, what with the cat hair and excellent lighting. Only the best for you!

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