Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On College: Attending Accidentally

Presenting: Recovered Chair! Two of four are done. I'll finish the remaining two in a few weeks, probably. If I feel like it. It's not that the process is particularly difficult, it sucks, but I'm guessing anyone could probably accomplish this as well as or better than I did. The reason I'm in no hurry to recover the other chairs can be seen on the chair not pictured: despite my massive and thorough scotch-guarding, there are already blueberry stains on it. I keep forgetting I run a daycare here, you know? That part of my brain shuts off sometimes, usually when there are shiny objects about.

Here's a sneak peek at what I'm making for my sister. I'll finish it as soon as she unpacks her table and gives me the measurements.

And here is proof that I have gone insane:

I am not a girly girl, or rather, I wasn't until I got all knocked up and hormonal, two and a half years ago. Then it was all flower prints and cute baby things, replacing the skulls and spiders and bones I had previously decorated with and wore. In keeping with my transition to crazy, I decided to take a Waldorf Education class. I didn't realize the class was for 14 months, and that it was for college credit. It may even translate into Waldorf Teacher Training credit, but that's far from certain. The coolest thing about the class is that it is being held at the Briar Rose Center here (a very cool place for kids) and the ladies who run Briar Rose are preparing to open a K-8 Waldorf school. And this class is intended to create teachers and staff for that school. It's not something I know I want to do for certain, but I do know that I do not always want to run a daycare. I love it, I love the kids, I love being home with them etc etc etc, but there are only so many stinking crap filled diapers on person can change before ennui takes over. I'm not there yet, but I sense it past the horizon.

I'm very excited about the class and the people in said class. They are my people: some are vegetarian, they are wearing funky and/or handmade stuff, they are funny and irreverent, and they love learning and kids. These are the people of the resistance. At one point last night the instructor said something about "the establishment" and I laughed and laughed. Because she was earnest, she was serious, and she was fighting against it. HELL YES! I might not agree with everything the guy who created Waldorf said or believed, but I'm never going to agree 100% with anything. He created a great program for teachers and kids. I like the approach (so far) and I'm happy I'm taking the class. The college credit and other perks are just that: perks. I love doing something for a good reason and finding out it's better than you expected. It's got me thinking about the future and what it holds. To find hope there is both unexpected and wonderful!

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