Sunday, January 27, 2008

The only reason I left my house this morning was because I wanted coffee.

It's been a weekend. Boy, has it been a weekend. I think the chief factor in my feeling like I was hit by my weekend rather than having enjoyed it was the fact that I can't find my staple gun.

I took Saturday morning to myself. I got it all ready: fabric cut, foam cut, two chairs uncovered and unassembled and ready for a new look. And no staple gun.


I did some cleaning and organizing, searched my entire house for the staple gun, and then helped put away groceries. One lunch, nap, and trip to the Indian Grocery/Half Price Books/JoAnn Fabrics/Whole Foods (at their busiest time EVER) while on a time frame later, and we came home ate dinner and got the girl to bed. Then we stupidly and inexplicably stayed up until 1 am last night.

Then there was today, almost as busy. But two of my chairs are covered (I bought a new, better staple gun), I learned how to knit and I'm about to have a glass of wine. Woo Hoo weekend!

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