Wednesday, February 13, 2008

70th post, apologies

This is my 70th post, which doesn't surprise me. There is a reason that one of my tags is "Holy crap that was a long post." Sometimes I can talk for hours, and sometimes I have nothing to say. Silly human.

So: sorry about the heavy post yesterday, I guess the winter blahs got me a little. There's also the fact that I do actually need to prepare myself for what could happen if I get pregnant again. So sorry again about the heavy, but if it doesn't come out here it doesn't get to come out.

So to make up for my downer posts, here are some photos of my sewing/craft room. Let's call it a studio, and laugh and laugh...

I'm hoping that this will end up being a "before" set of photos. I'd love to have an "after" set in which the dresser has made it upstairs, and the drawers are in it. The "studio" (HAHAHA) is in our loft, so there's one wall that is a railing. I have no idea what to do with the couch, or the layout of the room. I'm married to someone who is very understanding, but gets a little irritated when I constantly move the furniture about. I can't tell how something will work unless I actually have it set up that way. The room also doubles as J's game room, so he can play video games while I sew or glue or basically craft my ass off. So not only do I have space and layout issues with my sewing stuff, I have to make sure he is comfy, too. This set up is working, but it's not great. Someday I will get to great, and will be able to call my sewing room a studio without snickering. Today is not that day.

Oh, blogger, why do you do this to my pictures? Just put them on the left like I asked you to, OK?

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