Monday, February 11, 2008

Applesauce: Miracle food?

I called my Mom last night about the "carrot poop" situation. She mentioned my sister had a similar problem at about the same age, and the pediatrician told her to feed little sis nothing but applesauce for a day. It apparently worked, so the kid is getting some applesauce today. Not 100% applesauce, she also ate some soy yogurt (Whole Soy! Yum!) and a PB&J. But more applesauce than not, and it seems to be working. The bug could also be working its way out of her system, either way I'm pleased.

(As a short aside, I once read a book about the Lipizzaner Stallions. I couldn't figure out why the crowd kept going crazy with applesauce. It was applause.)

Ahh, February. I'll be honest, Feb, I don't like you much. It's 10 outside, it's gray, and joy of joys (actually, I really mean that) we're supposed to get snow tonight. If this month didn't contain J's birthday I'd detest it completely. Well, that and the chocolate that gets thrown's OK too. We never do much for V-day, perhaps because we are practical and jaded people who see the day as a commercialized chance for disappointment, as well as the fact that the history of the day is usually ignored in exchange for gaudy cards and red stuffed bears. I was stood up for a date one time, and most of the other Valentine's days I've had have been equally depressing or disastrous. There was the year I fell down the stairs, the year I got a concussion, the year the jerk I was dating proposed (we were in HIGH SCHOOL!) and best of all, the year my parents gave me a big box of chocolate and I ate it all at once and threw up all night. This year, however, I am actually looking forward to the day. I'm making J his card and a small present, and I have some stuff to make E her own special box. I'll be making vegan chocolate covered pretzels with the kids on Thursday, and on Wednesday we'll be making our valentines. I guess you're not so bad, February. But maybe a little more sun? And stop with the wind around these parts, please. It sounds like a banshee on a bad day all night. Jeez.

Let's see, what should I do now? Work on taxes? Clean? Try to sew some more stuff for Etsy? Oh-eat lunch! Always the best option. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post the pics I took over the weekend tonight. Nothing fantastic, just the before photos of the craft room, the ugliest thing I've ever made, a cool scarf for etsy and some of a tired girl eating applesauce.

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