Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cabin Neurosis

This is how I've felt for the last couple of days. I've been stuck inside the house with 3 to 4 toddlers and 2 teething infants, and as rosy as I try to keep my disposition, I've been a little cranky.

Part of the problem is the fact that every online store I have looked at has the fugliest oilcloth and laminated cotton I could imagine. Some of the plaid with cherries and leaves would make Lovecraft weep, I'm sure. The other part is February. I detest this month. Where we live it is gray the entire time, rainy or slushy, and did I mention gray? AGGGGHHH! I need the SUN! There's also the "by the way, this is your body and you're not pregnant this time" factor, which as we all know, makes a girl just sunshine and rainbows, yes? So I'm devising ways to cheer the hell up, and fast. Without potato chips.

J was supposed to go game tonight, but the wife of the guy running the game has really messed up her back. (She can't walk right now, and the doctors keep telling her to wait 6 months. Poor lady. ) So instead of grabbing my kid as soon as all non-blood related children are out the door and taking her out for some errands and dinner, I might just escape on my own. I want to check out JoAnn for oilcloth or laminated cotton, hit Target for the kind of photo album I like(pictures are piling up everywhere!) , and then come home and sew like crazy. I'd like to take my wee one with me, but we'll have to see when Daddy gets home. I just need out, or else the kids might start learning some questionable gestures soon. (I KID. I'd just teach them one gesture, see above.)

I need to get a few things made so I can open the store, which is handy since I have a full-spectrum light by my sewing machine. I'm thinking of starting with a few headbands, some napkins and some placemats. I organized all my fabric during naptime yesterday, so I'll start moving furniture around today. I'll share photos tomorrow, assuming I remember to take them.

Concentrate on sending some sun to the midwest, please!!!!!


HollyLynne said...

silly suggestion, but have you tried looking at tablecloths instead of fabric? i bet you could find some better looking prints that way (they might even be cheaper), and i know i've seen oilcloth/lamintaed tablecloths in stores.
we've got a little sun in LA, I'll focus on pushing it over to you!!! :)

Doria said...

People should read this.