Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm ready to claw my own eyes out at this point, which is why I'm on the computer and not painting or singing or changing a diaper. Tuesday E decided it was time for Big Girl Panties, and so for the last 2 1/2 days I've been asking about the potty, taking her to the potty, cleaning up when we don't feel like going to the potty, etc. It's actually been going pretty well, except my girl? She is stubborn. Going to the potty is GREAT! Except when it isn't, then it's scream and fight and tantrum until Whoops! What's that in my pants?! And Mama wants to beat her head against the wall and cry.

Add to this an infant who received 5 shots yesterday and won't stop screaming, and you see how my day is going. J's helpful advice was to "view it as a game or contest" instead of a fight. I can see the wisdom in that, so I resisted the urge to tell him to come home and just go ahead and do that. (Work sucks for him right now, anyway. I have a great job. I should be more sympathetic.) It's normal run-of-the-mill frustration, what I have. Because there is only so much shit one person can deal with before getting frustrated. She'll get this! She will! In less than a year, even!


Last night I finished a bath mat for E, because the one we had in her bathroom produced so many fuzzies that I could track where we'd been after each bath. The new one has gnomes! I'll post a pic after nap time...I don't like having the kids out of sight unless they are asleep. Tonight I think I may make a few gnome headbands. Today I'm going to knit around the kids; hopefully it will calm us all down. I need to go start the potty game again, so I'll be back later. I love the not posting for two days and then catching up game!

By the way-think good thoughts for GreeneMama over at The Owl and The Pussy Cat. She's studying for her teaching certification thingy, and could use some positive vibes, especially this weekend when she takes the test!

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