Tuesday, February 5, 2008


You know those chairs I recovered? The ones I scotch guarded the hell out of, because the fabric had white patches, and I run a daycare? Weeeelll, scotch guard isn't going to receive any tongue kisses from me anytime soon. I'm also going to have myself tested for any tumors that could be causing me to be as incompetent as I was to order that particular fabric for that particular project. (Again, I digress...) The point is, I need to re-recover the two chairs I finished, because it looks like the apocalypse happened on that gorgeous fabric. So sad. I've also decided to open my Etsy shop this weekend, and I'm having trouble sorting through all the business crap from Etsy and Pay Pal. So I'm pleading with you:

First plea: Where do you buy your fabric from? I have a few online stores I browse through, but I'd love to know where you've ordered from and what you liked best about them (good service, quick delivery, etc.) I'm looking for oilcloth for the chairs right now, but really, a good fabric store is like taking a mini-holiday, even if you have to do it online. So any favorites?

Second plea: Please, someone, give me some "starting your own online store" advice! Please! Is Pay Pal horrible? Wonderful? How do you do mastheads and/or banners? Should I build a website? Where do I start?!

So that's my tiny freak-out for the day. Tonight we're going to watch the original King Kong, and tomorrow I have a friend coming over for dinner and to knit. She's such a sweet and smart lady who has been widowed for far too long. Her son is still in bad shape from his aneurysm, so we thought dinner and some time with friends might take her mind off things for a bit. Now, give me some online shopping love!


greenemother said...

Ok, places that I like are purlsoho.com, sewmamasew.com, http://reprodepot.com, and http://www.superbuzzy.com/
I hope this helps!!

Domesticrazy said...

I need to check out superbuzzy again, I keep forgetting that one! The others are my favorites, too. Apparently oilcloth is just UGLY. And laminated cotton is hard to find without tiny geisha on it.

I am actively damming scotch guard for failing me so woefully.