Monday, February 18, 2008

Hey! I made stuff!

Oh, weekend, I love you. LOVE YOU. I miss you when you're gone. So come back, weekend. Stay longer. Because I want so much to make more stuff, and I only seem to make stuff with you, weekend. Sigh.

J managed to hurt his back on Friday by, and I'm not sure how he did this: sitting in a chair. I made him this "Ouchie Heart" to make him feel better. He slept with it, which caused me much joy. E has adopted it since then, again, much joy!

Here's my newest home project. I'm ridiculously happy with this tablecloth. It's vintage material I found in an antique shop over the weekend and some blue linen I've been wanting to use. I found the material at one of the antique stores in our small downtown. One street, at least 6 antique stores. No idea why, and my parent's town is the same way. The midwest is apparently teeming with antiques.

I went in for buttons and came out with this material, a jar of buttons and some satisfaction. You see, I've been lusting about those pictures I see on blogs, the ones where the author goes to a thrift store or antique store or whatever, and then posts pictures of the fabulous finds they have purchased. I want to re-use, reduce and recycle! I do those things as much as I can. but when it comes to sewing I've been bad. So I finally got to a place this weekend where I could buy the stuff I've been looking for. I am a satisfied lady.

Do you see the blurry part of this photo? Left hand side, third stripe in, near the top? I need to clean my camera lens.

I've also been having an affair, one that got a little out of control last week. I went out and purchased a stack of linen. That's right, I'm having a love affair with linen. I am a freak.

Notice the gnome fabric on the bottom? It's not linen, but I love it anyway. No idea what I'm going to use it for, but who cares? Whatever I make will be that much cooler because it's made with gnomes.

<I am still having some trouble with Blogger and layout of photos. I am not technically inclined by nature, I think. Did you notice the banner? J started a blog and figured out how to do that in 5 minutes. This is my 73rd ish post, and he had to show me how to put up a banner. This is sad, folks.>

I finally made some napkins for our family, too. These are made from (gasp!) linen. I'm very happy with how they turned out, but I think I need to learn how to miter corners. At least for the ones I want to sell. I know how to miter in theory, but I need to practice because each time I try my machine jams and I end up inventing new words. In fact, I think I may need to get my machine serviced because of the button hole option on my machine: I cannot seem to get the damn thing to do anything but jam. And me with all these cool buttons to use!

With luck, I'll make something each night this week. Some will be for our home and some will be for the mystical Etsy store, forever pending. But that's another post. I'm hoping for more photos, less typitty typitty type in future posts. See you tomorrow!


HollyLynne said...

Gnomes!! Can't wait to see what you make with them :)

greenemother said...

Oh, I think the gnomes has been one of my favorite patterns so far that I've bought. I made them into pants for Emma and they came out really cute. I have a love/hate relationship with piles of fabric. I love it because of the possibilities of what they could become, but then the hating of choosing what it could be. Confusing, I know!