Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The making of a mad genius, plus weekend shots!

Check out my new curtains!

I made them last night while J and the kid were at story time.

The fabric is a light cotton I found at JoAnn's. I love the yellow and blue flowers, but they don't show up from a distance.

I also made this bandanna last night. It was supposed to be for me, but I grossly underestimated the size of my head. It fits the kid nicely.

I'm going to make her an Easter dress from this material, too. I'd also like to make some handkerchiefs for to sell, but I'll have to see how much fabric is left after the dress.

This is a very proud child and her new horse. Every horse is named after the one her grandparents let her ride, and this one is no exception.

Just look at the joy in that face!

Her "Aunt" Becky brought the horse for her, forever claiming a bit of this child's heart. She also taught the kids to make letters with their bodies, which has been a big hit this week.

And last but not least, here's a picture of us. In the mall bathroom. There are several issues with this photo:
1) We are in a bathroom. In the mall.
2) Beck tried to get a serious look, and it worked. She looks like she's about to pull a bottle of mace out of that purse and spray you, but good. I am just the innocent journalist!
3) I am so good at photoshop that I have made my dear, dear friend look like she just came out of a deep fryer. The picture was a little too dark, so I auto-corrected it. Bad move. I promise, she is much less red in the real world.

Tonight I have my second Waldorf class. J had to talk me into going tonight, after I whined about the class not being what I expected, too much time, etc. I had such an uplifting experience last month, so I'll give it another shot. But 14 months is a long ass time to be in a class, you know? So I won't get the beach-combing bag done for Beck tonight, but I do have the fabric picked out. Corduroy, linen and gnomes! Hopefully I'll get something done tonight, so I can show you tomorrow. If not you'll be looking at pictures of my sad, sad knitting.


greenemother said...

Hey, your blog looks great! Nice changes. Also, I do like the fabric for your windows. I love red and yellow a lot.

Anonymous said...

boo yah best friends rizock.
is that mace in your purse or are you just happy to see me beeeatch.
miss you love you bye!

greenemother said...

I was at Joann's this morning and bought some of that great fabric!! It's so nice! Hope your well!