Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waldorf, maybe

Despite the winter storm warnings and several inches of new snow last night, I ended up going to the Waldorf class. Boy, I'm really having a hard time with this right now.

The people are nice, but last night there were 5 people instead of 15, and none of the absences were weather related. For as nice as they are, however, the other members of the class last night struck me as very, um, not reality based? One lady is really, wonderfully accepting and nice. One lady is clearly one exit away from bonkers, but still nice. The others are nice, and run the gamut of personalities between the other two. I'm more emotional than most people, but when one woman started crying because we don't sleep with our children I wanted to roll my eyes. I know how she feels. I dealt with it when the decision was made. She obviously still has some issues, despite her child being 7 now. OK. But I came to this class to make the daycare better, to help kids along their journeys in a more peaceful and caring way. Not to hear you answer a question with an unrelated story about your polarization therapy. Perhaps my reaction is unfair or harsh, but I want to tell this woman to suck it up while we're in class, and we'll support her when it's break time.

The class is interesting and the teacher is nice, but when I ask a question I like getting an answer. I do not like vague things, I do not like pseudo-science, and I do not like a closed language being used and then not explained. Unlike the others there last night, I have no trouble reading Steiner. I get what he's saying, even if the terms he made up are irritating. But I can't just believe his theories lock, stock and barrel. The teacher kept referring to "all the research behind this" but I fail to see how one can research the "higher beings who guide us between death and re-birth." I have no problem with spirituality and the idea of "higher beings" or "angels" as some kept calling them. What I do have a problem with those ideas being stated as fact.

I one of those people who believes in reincarnation. I'm not certain that it's true, but it makes the most sense to me. Steiner's views, therefore, are familiar in a sense. But he ignores all other life forms; only humans count. Last night someone mentioned the Celestine Prophesy, and the teacher said it wasn't as "scientifically based" as Steiner was. WTF? I need to do some more research on this. I'm going to email this lady and see if she can direct me to some proof, something tangible that shows this guy didn't just pull stuff out of his ass all the time.

All that skepticism aside, I like what Waldorf teaches. I like the methods and the results and so I will probably continue to take the course. The instructor also promised we'd get to the practical stuff soon, so I have a reason to hold on. The potential job helps, too. But I will remain the skeptic, as I have always been. I'm going to work on not getting irritated when the others in the class get too kooky for me, because I am kooky, too. I really love the concentration exercises and look forward to them every night, so I'll keep those up no matter what. But not because tracing things backwards lets us visit the Etherial realm where time moves backwards, and that's where our angels live and cause us to breath. I'll do it because it makes me more aware of the connections in this world, and how what we purchase and use effects the entire planet.


greenemother said...

I'm glad you went! Classes can always be like that at the start, I find. Once the people have been weeded out, the class will start to get a whole lot better and more interesting. I've never been interesting in that side of Waldorf, so I'm interested to read about your many Waldorf adventures! I'd love to read more about what your learning and of course your thoughts!

Bryan said...

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