Monday, March 17, 2008

I know why I hate Mondays

After a weekend of no sharing, no taking turns, no following the rules at my house the kids are all spastic and crazy. The three year old just crapped her pants for no discernible reason, her brother exploded all over himself and me earlier this morning, E has wet herself twice, and the infant here today is teething. The part-timer woke everyone up multiple times during nap, and I somehow managed to cut the very tip of my finger on E's potty. WHAT THE HELL, UNIVERSE?

The weekend was fabulous, I learned some more about knitting, spent time with fabulous friends and ate well. I'm going to go breathe deeply and get some snack ready, then read some books with the kids. Mondays suck the big one every week, and you'd think I'd be ready for it by now. I am not. I am an optimist, and every week I think about all the fun we're going to have, conveniently forgetting about ending up elbow deep in other people's poop.

It's still better than my last job!

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