Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Murphy was just hanging out

Last night, after the day care day was over (and there were more fiascoes, but I won't go into details) I decided to take a long bath. It was lovely; Molly brought me some Lush bath stuff when she came and it is AWESOME. The bath was great, except for the part where I dropped the clock into the tub, killing it. BUT! the rest of the bath was just perfect...it let me relax, finish my book and have a little piece and quiet. Ahhhh.

I got out of the tub just in time to give E and J some kisses before my lovin' husband put her in her bath and then to bed. I went into my sewing room to get some work done. I cut the fabric for 20 of the 60 napkins I'm making, and then I started sewing the 1/4 basting line to make the folding part easier. Then my sewing machine bit the dust. I'm calling for servicing today, but my feeling is that I'm going to get really good at hand sewing really quick in order to get the 15 bibs and 60 napkins finished by April 6th.

So, I went downstairs to knit more of the purse I'm making for Jen, and watch the Star Trek J ordered from Netflix. Star Trek wouldn't play, and I realized that the purse was 1) uneven and 2) now the wrong number of stitches long. So it needs ripped out. I went upstairs and went to bed.

There are just some days where no matter what you do things aren't going to go your way. Today's not progressing much better, so I'm putting painting clothes on everyone, getting out the messy rainy day supplies, and we're just going to embrace the cosmic jokes being thrown at us, because, really, what else can you do?

I hope your day brings you lots of laughter!

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