Thursday, March 13, 2008

Photos to keep the worry away

This is from last Friday between 4 and 5 pm:

This is from last Saturday, between 8 and 9 am:

This is a shot of our dormer windows, way the hell up on the roof of our house. It's a little dark, but do you see how much snow is there? LOTS O SNOW!
Here's an action shot showing just how deep this snow really was. It's up to E's waist, and J's knees!
The Wee One, coming in after several facefuls of snow. She'd had it. Luckily she had a much better time the next day!

The kid wearing the newly finished scarf before going out. Note the pride! Mama made it!

Here's the beach-coming bag I made for Becky. Surprise Gnomes on the inside! It has lots of little pockets for beach glass and the like.

Shot of little pockets. I was surprised this morning when one of my parents picked it up and asked if I had made it. She wanted one, and told me to sell them for "a mint" at ComFest! (A local Community Festival here. It's a big deal.) It was a little pick-me-up I needed. I hope Beck likes the bag that much, too!

So there! Pictures as promised. I couldn't write yesterday because it would have been all about my worry. I go see the doctor tomorrow morning, so if everything goes well you should hear about it tomorrow night. If not, I don't know. I'm trying to focus on the positive here! The feeling right now is of going up the clickity clackity part of the roller coaster, just before it starts down that first big hill. You know that it'll probably be OK; the odds are in your favor that the cars won't fly off the tracks, and that you are going to have such a blast, and it'll be over way too soon. BUT! There's still that little voice, the one going "Ohhh boooy, here we go here we go here gooooo!" Light a candle, say a prayer, ask the four winds, whatever you do, please send good thought for a happy outcome!


Anonymous said...

Gnomes. little happy traveling gnomes. Gnomes that I can share all my adventures with!
mama likes!
love ya call me if you need to ANYTIME tomorrow.

greenemother said...

Great bag! And the gnomes rock!

HollyLynne said...

that photo of your little girl with snow all over herself is PRICELESS!!!!