Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have a doctor's appointment next Friday, and until I go to it my brain just isn't going to be right. Right now I feel like Alice must have felt when she realized she was just going to fall down that hole for awhile. My mental state isn't normal for me right now, I can tell because on of the kids sniffed her soup today and started crying and telling me she didn't like it. I wanted to respond "YOU WILL EAT EVERY BITE OR I WILL PUT YOUR FAVORITE TOY IN THE BLENDER. " Not the way I normally handle these things, so I told her she at least needed to try. I left Pink Bunny out of it entirely. This is all nerves and maybe hormones, but I think it's time to start that meditation back up, don't you?

In other, related news, I can't seem to get anything done. Last night I hemmed J's pants fro his new suit, the one he needed to wear today. (He looked so handsome when he left!) But that was pretty much it. I've got a bag 1/3 made for Becky, an Easter dress to make for E, a shower gift for a friend, and that's just the fun stuff. The laundry has started roaming the house on it's own, but it can't find the laundry room because the metric ton of baby and kid crap from the daycare keeps sending it in the wrong direction. My favorite fantasy right now is having both a housecleaning service and a team from HGTV stop by my house to clean and organize it while I'm out getting a massage and my hair and nails done. And let's not mention the lack of any progress on my taxes, OK? There is some good news, though. I somehow forgot that my sister is not only an accountant, she is also waiting for the results of her last test, so she is probably a CPA right now. And! this sweet, brilliant and fun lady was OFFERED! to do our taxes for us. I really regret that time I put soap in her mouth now.

For the time being, if you see me wandering down the street half dressed or something, will you please send me home? I really need a guide dog devoted to laundry right now. Sheesh.

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greenemother said...

It sounds like you have a bad case of stress! Don't forget to take some time for YOU!! Even if it's to sit in the coffee shop and watch people! Go get your nails done! Your doing a lot it sounds like, so relax and let your sister take over your taxes!~