Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hey! Sorry about the silence and cobwebs here, I'm just terribly busy right now. Baby shower stuff, day care, dentist visits, writing another service for Sunday, taxes and more are all keeping my hands busy and away from the computer. When I come back (probably next week unless I can get a TON done or sneak a quick post in, like this one) I'll have photos of Easter dresses, a field trip to a butterfly place with E and a friend, some crafty/sewing goodness and a few fun stories. I nervous as hell because I've been feeling pretty good, which is what happened before I miscarried (worried freak am I) but I have another ultrasound on Friday, which will hopefully show me a peanut and let me chill out. (ACK!) Until then, I hope you guys are doing great and had a lovely weekend. And by the way, the next snowflake I see I'm going to shoot. Dead. Enough already!

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