Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a difference a day makes

I'm taking a half hour break from napkin making right now. If all goes well I should have 20 napkins completely finished by tonight, and another 20 well on their way. The last two days were so miserable that I was beginning to question my hormone levels, my sanity, etc. But last night I found out one of the infants has a viral infection that has given him a rash, and that's why he was such a unhappy and LOUD little guy the past two days. The part timer is at home today, two more are on vacation and my little one is off with her Grandma getting an Easter dress. (Grandma was just dying to treat her. It makes me smile.) So today it's just me and the one year old, and we are having a fine time. I feel like I'm on a mini-vacation of my own, and you know what? This is exactly what I needed.

Last night I went over to my parent's house to pick up my Mom's machine so that I could sew while mine is in the shop. (I'm taking it in tonight.) I ended up being fed cheese (Freegan!) and tea, and generally being treated as a daughter for an hour. I love being a Mom, a business owner, a wife and all the other things I am, but last night I needed to not be any of those things for a little bit. I needed to be sitting in the house that I consider my other home. It's the place my parents have lived longer than any other (14 years! the longest before that was 4 1/2, I think) and going there is the mental equivalent of putting on a favorite sweater. After an hour or so I went home, where my little girl fixed me. She was sweet, she gave me kisses and hugs and asked to go to my class with me. She wanted to "trade hair for a little bit." My husband was around just enough, left me alone just enough. I feel better today.

Becky has been reading about Buddhism lately, and has been outraged by what is going on in Tibet, and also by how little response the situation is garnering. I, too, am outraged and saddened. I've been trying to avoid buying things made in China based on their human rights record and treatment of the Chinese people, but now I am joining my friend in a full boycott of Chinese products. Please consider how much you value your freedoms, and how oppressive the current regime in China is. Then, please, consider joining us in voting with your dollar, and refusing to fund a government's harsh repression of the people it is supposed to protect, not to mention it's occupation of a peaceful, Buddhist country. There is nothing so valuable as freedom and peace.

Now, back to the napkins.

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