Friday, April 18, 2008

Bought, sold and made.

I wish I could tell you I did tons of productive stuff last night. Instead I played with my little one, put her to bed, read my book for an hour and then made another apron.

Forgive the wrinkles, I'd been wearing it for an hour when I remembered to take the pictures. The bunny fabric is another great purchase from Amish country. The very, very nice lady who cut the fabric and chatted while she sold us the goods remarked at how the eyes of the bunnies are what makes the design. I agree. Too f'n cute. And! The tails!

I also treated myself to the necklace from Mixtape this morning, and I'm so excited to get it! I love the vintage metal thimble. Hopefully I'll have a shirt made by the time it gets here, and I can walk around feeling dorky and crafty and good. With my handmade shirt and handmade thimble necklace. Hee!

I also went to Montessori By Hand/Sew Liberated and bought the patterns for the Gnome Messenger Bag and the Emmaline Apron. (Apron pattern...what a good idea!) Sewing last night really calmed me down and made me feel better, so I want to do a lot of it in the coming weeks. At naptime today I think I'm going to work on the's calling to me. Plus, I'm sober in the afternoon. At night that vixen Wine calls to me, and I don't trust myself to work with such beautiful fabric and be precise, even if I only drink one glass.

Well, folks, it's a gorgeous day. It's warm but not hot, the birds are out, the sun is out, it's Friday, I have a job and bubbles to blow, so I'm off. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I might do a photo post of the fabric (I keep taunting you, sorry) and some outside life, but we'll have to see how crazy the weekend gets.


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HollyLynne said...

your necklace is on its way to you! :)
that apron pattern is SOOOOO CUTE!!! If yours comes out well i just might have to order the pattern myself . . . i'm not much for patterns but for an apron that cute i'd do it!
(so funny, i won't sew if i've had even 1 drink either)