Monday, April 28, 2008

Ch ch ch changes

I gained consciousness sometime before 8 am this morning, looking for part of the coffee makes. The part that holds the filter and actual coffee. This was not a part of the contraption I could improvise easily; if I wanted coffee I needed that part.

I have not yet found the missing part of the coffee maker, nor do I imagine I ever will at this point. I have looked everywhere I can think of, re-organized our Tupperware/plastic storage container area, gone through cupboards and our pantry, our freezer (you never know!) and every drawer and shelf I can find. No love. And, alas, no coffee. I make a cup of coffee here maybe twice a month, but I know I am going to want coffee every morning from now on. CURSES!!

The craving for coffee probably has something to do with our desire to kill ourselves on weekends. I'm not sure how we manage to do this, but every weekend is more insane than the last one, the one we barely got through. On Saturday we drove to my sister in law's for a birthday party/first communion party for our nephew. It was a four hour drive that turned into at least 6 hours on the way there thanks to potty breaks (6 or7, I forget) the slowest Subway on the planet, and freak thunderstorms. By the way, did you know you can't order a veggie kid's meal at Subway? What a crock. Anyway, the party was wonderful. E had an especially wonderful time with her cousin Allie, and I got to hang our with John's new cousin (16 months?) Morgan. Morgan desperately needs a "Jackass" shirt. She would face-plant and then get right back up laughing. What a girl!

We lucked out and the drive home took only 4 hours and one unnecessary potty break. (We had a talk about when we ask to use the potty.Hint: it's not when we just want out of the car.) It was a gorgeous drive through spring woods and breath-taking country. I'd show you pictures but the camera is still in John's car, along with E's dirty clothes and some vegan brownies. Whoops!

The tired part came into play when E decided to wake up 1 1/2 hours into the trip home, and stay awake until nearly midnight. I was so wired from driving I couldn't sleep either, and I had to be up early Sunday to give the service again. I'm done with services for a while. I digress. We'd planned on a long, lovely nap on Sunday to get us ready for another family gathering in town, and the good news is that John and E slept well. The bad news is that two of our neighbors bought paint ball guns for their respective 14 year olds, and the battle took place right outside the window where E and I were napping. I chased them away. I was awake, though, full of adrenaline from the whole thing. So I read, instead.

i know i mentioned the book last week, but I'm going to mention it again. If you have kids, had kids, plan on having kids or know kids, please please please buy or borrow this book and read it. I'm still trying to find the right words to email Rob. I've been reading his site for a few years now, and he has such a beautiful way of making me laugh, or making me cry. The book did both, in nearly equal amounts. I'd read many of the stories included in the book already because of his blog, but it was still a fabulous read. I'll read it again, soon, probably. There are words to tell you how good this book is, how moving and true and important. But I don't have them, nor do I have the skill to explain. But please, consider reading it.

Final note: You know that little girl I've been trying to potty train here? Her parents dropped her off late today after getting some pictures taken. They forgot to take the diaper (the one we agreed she wouldn't wear once we started potty training) off, or leave any panties. I'm going to suggest we wait a month and then try again. Grrr, a little, but also ahhhh, I don't think she or her parents were quite ready. And being ready is important in life, whether it's for the potty, a project, a change or whatever. I'm glad she's got some more time.


HollyLynne said...

your coffee story reminds me of how my fiance once broke 3 different french press coffee pots in one week . . . i'm normally more a tea person myself but MAN i wanted coffee that week!
I've got a long drive this weekend . . . I needed a refresher about when its appropriate to request a potty break too, so thanks for that :D

Domesticrazy said...

More than welcome for the potty break refresher. We all need one now and then...