Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here's how it is:

I have 2 infants in the daycare right now, about 8 and 9 months old, respectively. The younger one has been going through a high-pitched screaming phase. When I change his diaper it sounds like I'm skinning him. This has been tough.

The other infant, the older one, has a temper. He's a sweet kid all told, but today he gave himself a rash of burst blood vessels all over his face in less than 5 minutes, all because he was mad and having a fit. (I was changing a diaper and it was a messy one. Couldn't stop in the middle..) I can't drop everything and run to this kid every time he gets upset. I'd be dropping other kids! But I feel like I have to walk on eggshells with this little guy all the time. He's so sweet, and I love him. But I'm not sure if I can keep caring for him indefinitely. It makes me so nervous. Little yappy dog nervous. We don't go outside when it's cold because of him. I hate feeling nervous, I much prefer the laid back zen vibe I try to cultivate. It's the infants, man. I'm having trouble handling 2 infants. We do OK with everybody else, but if you're under 1 I think I handle you better if you sprang from my body.

My solution right now is to work on getting the hand made business off the ground. I need to make at least $700 a month through Domesticrazy, more to get where I want to be. That sounds like a ton of money from an internet shop, plus craft shows and the like. I'm going to ask my sister to help me figure this out when she gets back into the states, and perhaps a few friends for some advice.

This job is still head and shoulders above Corporate America. I'd still like to get people to buy my handmade stuff so that I won't have to 1) have so many kids here, and 2) have to keep doing this after my child(ren) are in school. This job is hard some days. Everyday has wonderful moments that make me laugh, bring me joy and let a little one have a great time. Lately, though, every day has been a challenge, too. I needed that vacation.

So, can anyone recommend a good book or two about starting a small handmade business? I can market once it's going, but I need some help on tax laws and the like, shipping (how to, through whom, etc) and other basics. I want to go and set up an account for PayPal this weekend at a bank different than where we keep our checking, savings, etc. I'm going to call PayPal to get things set up, because talking to a person is easier for me than trying to figure out the answers to my questions on their website. After those two things are finished, I'm going to create the store. I'm debating between Etsy and Big Cartel.

Why won't the babies sleep today? WHY?


HollyLynne said...

if you ever have any questions on the whole Etsy thing, don't hesitate to ask!!! You can send me a convo via Etsy anytime :)

Domesticrazy said...

Thanks! I'm going to get the back account and PayPal set up first, I think. Then I'll start begging for info on how to do things like banners, etc. Your info on how to get and keep customers and a fresh looking shop was awesome, by the way!