Friday, April 25, 2008

Fabric and projects and Friday, Oh yay!

Camera? check.
Fabric? check.
Daylight? check. And here are the results:

This (above) was supposed to be part of the quilt, but Becky found other fabric that worked a little better. Now I get to use it for a shirt instead!

Here's the butterfly fabric that is the main part of the quilt. It makes me very, very happy. I'm not really a butterfly type girl, but this was too pretty not to adore. I saw a quilt in Amish country made out of this material, and it was gorgeous. It was also one of the $1000.00 quilts, hence my making ONE quilt in my life.

Here's the nine square thing Becky figured out. I hope the rest looks as good as this-because Beck did this part and she has more talent/skill/practice/ability not to make things look like crap than I do. I honestly look at this little piece of quilt for long stretches at a time, imagining myself wrapped up in it watching a good horror movie and drinking mulled mead. Or reading a book. Or sleeping. The important part is the "wrapped up in it" part.

Last but not least, a really crappy photo of two of the other fabrics waiting to be made into shirts, or aprons, or anything. This was $3.00 a yard sale fabric, so I bought 3 yards of each. They are so pretty....

This is a Louisa Crabapple tree John and I planted. Last year it was just starting to bloom when the weather went into the toilet and everything froze. This year it's doing much better! It's a breathtaking tree, even if it is under 6' tall.

And last but not least, here's a sneak peek at a pocket organizer thing I'm making for the kids. I'm hoping to get the backing on during nap so that I can hang it today, take a picture and post it. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. The baskets I currently have to organize the kid's stuff just look to cluttered and messy for my sanity.

Hopefully this will resolve the issue. There's a real lack of organization tips for day cares out there. Everything I read about organization and the home or business puts all the things you need to organize directly into the reach of the children. Not good. So I'm trying, with my poor feeble brain, to figure out new and effective ways to get the job done. I've also started reading "The Creative Family," and if you have kids, or plan to have kids, or just love creative endeavors, get the book. It's wonderful!

Have a great weekend! And by the way, things keep getting better around here. Thanks for listening, I'm grateful you come here and read my ramblings. Namaste!

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HollyLynne said...

i'm not a butterfly person either but that fabric is beautiful! i can't wait to see more pics of the quilt in progress.
GORGEOUS picture of E, she looks like a little grown up!