Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not even that bad, really

In the art of balance, the universe is a master. The panic attacks are gone; well, a few flutters here and there, but no bees in my body and can't breathe levels. I'm dealing with the "when do we want to try again" issue better, and my little one has been really good today! But, do you remember that lungs hurting comment I made yesterday? It wasn't from the smoke. I woke up last night with a sore throat and aching. All the kids found other places to chill at today, and that has helped a ton. Because I'm not up for 6 kids right now. 1 was enough today, and she has let me doze on the couch. My head feels really heavy and hurts, and the muscle aching makes me wiggle. I'm also a little puffy. Sexy, yes?

When J gets home I'm going to take a shower, eat dinner and go to bed early. I will try to either be profound, funny or post pictures tomorrow. You know, whatever easiest. Now, off to give the child some soy ice cream, because it's best for VERY good little girls and sick Mamas.

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