Wednesday, May 14, 2008

China Boycott vs. outdoor lighting

So in my effort to boycott China for human rights horrors and their treatment of Tibet and the people therein, I have been searching online for the origin of the string lights I would like to buy. You see, I'd love some lighting outside for my party Saturday, so some hurricane lamps hung from trees would be nice, or some string lights, or torches. Whatever. I'm not picky about the way light is provided, I just want the vessel to be made in another part of the world.

It's fucking impossible.

Every single light I have come across that does actually list its origin is made in China. I called a few companies to find out whether or not the lights were made in China, and they couldn't tell me. They had to check with the buyer and get back to me, which is fine. But I'd bet a chocolate cake the answer is China.

So tonight, after I run another errand, I'm going to try and find some damn lights or light holders. I'm not optimistic. Maybe I can find something at Goodwill...that would be great.

So far I haven't been able to find any clothes line not made in China, either. The fabric store has become a bit problematic, too, because the fabrics I like the best are usually MIC as well. It has kept me in check, though, with the not buying to much.

Stupid people being mean to other people and having to be responsible. I love making even a little difference in the world, but sometimes it's kind of a pain.

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