Friday, May 16, 2008

End of the week wrap up

I knew starting a business in my home would mean I would be home a lot, but I failed to realize for much traveling to and from work allowed me to pick up small items that I need. And the lunch break...ahh, wandering about and being able to buy caffeine. Now if I need something, for instance coffee or a Coke or umm, batteries fro my flippin camera, I either need John to stop on his way home or I need to go out after the kids leave, during rush hour. Or I do it on the weekend. This is by no means a huge problem, unless you can't find part of your coffee maker and/or you are a spaz and keep forgetting to buy Coke when you are out. And batteries. I think my brain is officially pickled.

I went to the goodwill I may have donated the coffee maker part to, but no luck. Unless that little plastic bastard shows up this weekend we will be purchasing a new coffee maker (with a timer!) ASAP. I'm actually not a huge caffeine drinker normally, but I need a little help with the med induced snoozes that keep trying to happen. (I did enjoy my nap, though!) It does not bode well for a day care when the care giver runs the risk of snoozing in her Toasted Oats.

After the Goodwill run I forgot the Coke and batteries, or I would show you so many pictures your tiny head would pop. Let's see, there's the assortment of animals now in our yard/destroying my garden: 2 rabbits, 1 groundhog, raccoon, a pair of cardinals, bluejays, goldfinches, and the occasional woodpecker. There's the melon I managed to cut with a seed on the knife so a really funky zig-zag pattern happened, the mutant spider I found in the kitchen, and the really freaking awesome bracelet from MixTape I was given for my birthday! When I pulled it out of the envelope the kids immediately clamored for it. One said "It's bee utiful!" and my daughter asked if she could have it. (I said no. She did get to look at it, though.) They all touched the coins on it, and we talked about all the places they came from. The babies cried when I wouldn't let them grab it. Plus, I now jingle when I walk! I'm not putting on the newly repaired necklace until the babies go home, however. Even if Holly did include a repair kit...And by the way? Go to MixTape and buy something. I've added Indie Home Ec as a link on the side. Don't know why it wasn't there before. So go there, get to her store, and check it out. It made me one happy momma!

And, last but not least, the fabulous Becky is coming into town tonight! We're going to a Buddhist gathering tomorrow, then my surprise, then a little birthday party. Sunday there's an art fair thing going on, and we're having our neighbors over for dinner. (First time in 4 years. We're the weird people in the neighborhood, and they avoid us.) I'm really looking forward to the next couple of days. I wish you a wonderful time, too!

I'm going to go nap now.

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HollyLynne said...

hooray!!! I'm glad it arrived safely and that you like it!! From reading your post I got the greatest mental image of you opening the package surrounded by little ones . . . I didn't even think about the coins being semi-eduational for them but how neat that they were!