Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Sorry about the break, guys. And thanks for the comments! I needed a little time to adjust to not feeling like squirrels were in my brain. After a week on the new drug I'm sane again. Only two panic attacks this week, I have more patience, and I actually MADE something last night! It's a bracelet fro mother's day. It was my first one and it turned out pretty well, I think. I went to our local bead shop to get my Tibetan Bodi wood bracelet restrung, and they went and talked me into getting some supplies. It took the girl all of 40 seconds, probably. I haven't taken a picture yet (I never have a picture when I post. Bad blogger!) but I'm taking pictures of the kids today after nap, so I'll do it then. I think I actually danced last night after finishing the bracelet. I made something, I learned to do something new, and I have a pretty gift for my rockin Mom.

Can you tell I'm feeling better?

I've been on rounds of trips to doctors, and I have good news. My cholesterol is great, my kidneys and liver are great, I'm not anemic and my thyroid is working just fine. My OB/GYN gave me a physical "all clear" yesterday. We're still adjusting medication a bit, but that's actually a good thing. My only complaint right now is that I had a mole removed yesterday and I keep bumping the #$%^(%$ thing on everything. Ouch!

I haven't tried the grommets yet (grommet grommet grommet) because my lazy ass has yet to re-sew the pocket organizer. It's laid out, so maybe that will change tonight. I'm going to have to wait and see how tired I am-that's one side effect that will take some time to get over. Slowly but surely I will get back to my crafty self, and I'll take pictures! I swear!

In fact, I may post the bracelet picture this very evening. Stay tuned... OH! and check out this post from Dooce-it's a great commentary about blogging about being a Mom.

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HollyLynne said...

congrats on the clean bill of health!!!

I read that Dooce post . . . I don't even have kids myself yet but I found what she said so inspiring. You can bet I'll be blogging about babies soon (but hopefully not too soon, as I have a wedding dress to fit into in March! :D)