Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a jump to the left

I have officially entered a time warp over here.

I apparently spent the last 2 days reading "Duma Key" by Stephen King. Good book. It was, indeed, a birthday present. I had a great birthday and Mother's Day, and they rolled together into one fabulous weekend. But I still don't see how it's Tuesday, or May, or 2008. Or how I'm 30. What the hell, wasn't I just debating whether or not I should buy a fake ID? It reminds me of a saying..."The days are long but the years fly by." Yes, yes they do.

I'm having a party this weekend to celebrate the big 3-0, and I want to invite friends over to play games in the backyard. Pin the something on something, toss something, the mummy game (where you wrap another person in toilet paper as fast as you can) and maybe some of those games you do with balloons or oranges. I'd like cake and beer and laughter. Most of all, I'd like people to show the hell up, because we live out of town a little, and sometimes they say they are coming and then don't. This makes me cry, and feel hurt, and for fuck's sake, friends, it's a birthday party! There will be free cake! Even if no one shows up, though, I'm going to have a good time. I haven't had a birthday party in a while. I'll have my best friend in town, and we're going to spend most of the day at a Buddhist gathering. Actually, it's a birthday party for Buddha. I just put two and two together. You are witnessing my slow brain at work.

Anyway, we have to be back by three, because John has a surprise for me. One that won't allow us preparation time, and means we can't have people over until 7. I have no idea what it is, but I'm having a grand time guessing. Pony? no. Circus? no. Stripper? no. An organizing team from HGTV? no. I'll let you know. Maybe it's a feng shui consultant! Or, well, honestly, I have no idea.

One mighty fine thing about this weekend was that my husband gave me a spa day, at my favorite spa, to be used at a later date. There's this tub thing they have...just let my wipe up the drool here...this tub thing. It's awesome. They put you in warm, good smelling water and it's like a jacuzzi but better, the lights are low, the room is empty, ahhhhhhhh. I'm looking forward to the facial and massage and everything else, but the tub, OH THE TUB!

I was also given a gift card fro JoAnn's, which will, along with my handy-dandy 40% off coupon, allow me to buy the cutting table I have been thinking about for a long time. I'll need to re-arrange the room a bit, but I look forward to playing real-life Tetris. It'll be fun. (If you want to know how bad the surprise is getting to me, Tetris led to games, games led to "Maybe he's getting me a Wii! I need help.) The big ass cutting mat my sister gave me needs a home, you know. Plus, cutting on the ironing board has met with varied success.

It appears that if I don't blog regularly I end up with tons of boring shit to post. My apologies. Do I have any interesting shit? Let's see...ah. It seems that there are pro-anorexia communities out there. I told John about what I'd found with the skinny girl, and he told me about the groups. Ugh. What else? The week of colds in children seems to be ending. Two boxes of tissues were destroyed. I had a mole removed and it was benign. This afternoon I'm taking the kids out to plant lettuce and eucalyptus. Maybe the Rhododendron. We'll see how it goes. I think that's all I've got. I need to go look at vacation stuff, or we'll be having another house vacation and I spend enough time here. It's time for a cabin with a hot-tub.

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