Friday, May 30, 2008

Photo finish

Hey! Look! Look at my garden! It's got plants, actual plants in it! And a fence that isn't a hazard to small children! ROCK! For no reason, Stephen King.
The story so far:
Last week my blogging killer was laundry. This week it has been a certain infant who sleeps next to the computer and now seems to be supernaturally sensitive to the sounds of typing. No matter how softly I touch the keys, the little dude starts grunting and squirming. And if he wakes up, THEY ALL WAKE UP. So blogging, once again, took the back seat this week. On the plus side, the computer finally loaded my damn pictures, so I can share!

Also, I saw the shrink that can prescribe medicine yesterday, and got my official alphabet soup diagnosis. It was actually so very wonderful to talk to this woman who understood what was going on, and who listened. She and I came up with a plan for pregnancy, dealing with my Official Diagnosis(es), and medication in general. She gave me a bunch of options that were non drug based, which was wonderful. I have ADHD, which I knew I had, but apparently there's a lot more to it than I knew. It's why I can't remember what I had for lunch, why I get grouchy, and has a lot of other symptoms that make sense. Panic disorder, yep. General anxiety disorder, check. Chronic severe depression, double check. Etc. Good news: I'm doing tons better and it's all treatable. And now: the photos...
We went to the zoo last weekend, and all my girl wanted to see was Tigers. There was a tiger statue she could sit on and that made her very happy.

As did the goats at the petting zoo. My heart warms!

Who knew prairie dogs were adorable?

We raised and released three butterflies for the daycare. What a blast! Here's my favorite one on release day. We released them into the garden and had a butterfly shaped cake, as well as various butterfly themed activities. This guy went right to my sage bushes and helped himself to some tasty nectar.

I made that gate. By myself. Sure, it may look hoopty in the photo, but it's a DAMN FINE GATE.
My composter's new home, with added steps for ease of raccoon entry.

A garland the kids and I made from cinnamon scented pine cones left over from the holidays and scraps of fabric. It makes me stupidly happy.

A picture of my hanging lanterns. Do not adjust your monitor, I loaded the picture sideways. I am smart. SMRT.

Butterfly before release. I think he's happier in the garden photo.

The tigers at the zoo taking a nap. I love the paw on the wall. They're so cute it's hard to imagine they could rip you to pieces, isn't it?

A few things that have happened:
  • Our fence will be going in next week! I'm really damn excited. This means that I'll be able to take the kids outside without getting my daily white hair. WOO HOO!
  • I booked a cabin for three nights during our vacation. It has a hot tub. Hot tub!
  • The first day of vacation for me will include a 6 1/2 hour spa day. My husband got me the best mother's day gift, ever.
  • This weekend I will post jewelry photos. For you to laugh at!
Hope you have a great weekend, as always. It's time to bathe my girl.

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HollyLynne said...

woo hoo! pictures!!! that prarie dog IS strangely adorable . . .and your girl is adorable too!