Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The turtle and the hare, real time version

How the hell is it Tuesday? May? 26! And while time itself has jettisoned me out of sync so that I'm still mentally unprepared for June to start nextfrigginweek, my computer is taking roughly 4 years to download my pictures. How can everything go so fast and so slow at the same time? Dude.

My posts have become woefully sporadic, but this week should start the trend of blogging more regularly again. I've spent so much time in the last few weeks getting my shit together that it's actually nearly together, and I can now focus on life again. The sewing/craft room is nearly complete. It's at least a place I can work in now, which is a vast improvement from the "stacks of crap everywhere" theme I had going on before. Creativity is messy. I picked up a book on polymer clay at Half Price Books yesterday, as well as a book on jewelry making. (I WILL post some pics of my stuff soon HollyLynne! And yes, add me to the addicts list now.) The goal of these two items is to combine them into wine charms and the like fr some consignment stuff I hope to sell. I also started making a wine cork mobile last night. The juices are flowing, my friends, and nothing makes me feel better than making something with these two hands. Hooray!

I also went to the nursery yesterday and got my garden plants, and then spent a few hours banging posts into the ground and stretching fence. I'll post the $^%$#^ before and after pictures once the ^%$@* computer loads them. Honestly, this is taking WAY too damn long. Anyway, gardening rocks. Once the fence goes in we're going to add blueberries and strawberries, and pumpkins. I feel like I'm creating my own little haven that the HOA can't touch. In that vein, does anyone have any ideas fro finding small bits of colored glass? I'd like to make some mobiles/hanging things to hang around the yard and/or in the trees to add to the magical place effect of the yard. John and I are also talking about a trellis with a grape vine. Hee hee! We want to try making some wine someday. Also mead, but we're not ready for bee keeping at this location.

Man, not blogging means I have tons to tell you. Which means either I break this up or write a novel. Or I could leave a bunch out. For now I'm going to leave you hanging, because a watched computer never finishes downloading pictures, apparently. That, and it's snacktime, and the natives are growing restless...

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HollyLynne said...

an organized craft room . . . i'm practically drooling at the thought!