Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ear plugs are cheap

We haven't had any pea soup explosions yet, but I'm pretty sure she's just waiting for the right moment. It was a hell of a week, culminating on Friday with a trip to the pool with 5 of the kids. One of the Moms helped out, and was so tired after we got back to the house she left her daughter with me and took a nap. We had a great time, though! The pool here has a really huge section that's shallow, and the babies were able to crawl around in the water while the toddlers ran and splashed and went down the little slide. There were water jets to play in, fish that dripped on you and it was awesome. AWESOME! Next time I'm taking 2 other adults, though. I was ready to drop Friday night.

My mother in law came to visit this weekend, and we had a really nice and relaxing time. Which was a surprise, because John can get a little tense around his family, and E was in full demon mode from exhaustion. And a fever, and something to do with her ear. She's better now, but Friday night and Saturday morning were a bit rough. Saturday afternoon we went to a local cavern/cave thing and took a tour. Historical, but not impressive viewing. The tour was poorly planned, so all the groups had to stand around underground waiting on the previous tour to move on before we could crowd into a tiny cavern and get dripped on. We're going to go to a bigger cavern soon, though. I'd forgotten how much I love those tours, even the bad ones. It made me remember why I was almost a history major. I love standing in a place where hundreds of years ago, people were just being people. Sometimes you get such a sense of peace, knowing that we have the same basic needs now that we did then: love, shelter, food, family, peace. And the need to carve our names into crap for no reason, apparently. We returned to the house and found our air-conditioning was dead. We exploded a capacitor. How cool is that! Luckliy it was a cool night and they guy came to fix it early the next day. He showed me how to inspect and maintain the system, which was really nice of him. You really should get a manual when you buy a house, there's so much stuff they don't tell you! All in all, it was a fabulous weekend, and everything worked out really well. Which is a nice change.

I've been making stuff, too. I've made anklets, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I keep giving things away before I take pictures, but I still have a few things that I want to post tomorrow. I'm going to try to do a crafty count-down to vacation next week, so every day I want to post a picture of something I've made. You might just get a picture, it depends on how teething/naptime goes this week. Last week was really tough, what with the screaming on all sides. By the end of the day all I wanted was some wine, a heating pad for the shoulder (still acting up, stupid nerves being pinched) and to space out. I ended up making and re-making stuff with beads. I remember Holly talking about her fight with crimp-beads, but until last week I hadn't had any trouble. Those little guys can be a bitch if you mess them up! You have to do the whole thing again. Whine whine whine... On the whole, though, I'm loving this new craft. I bought a magazine on beading last week and saw an ad for Fire Mountain Gems, and laughed. Unless I get a store up soon I'm going to go broke! My first venture at selling something will be this weekend at our community festival. We'll see how it goes. By the Power of Grayskull, I WILL get that Etsy store up SOMEDAY! DAMMIT!

The only odd thing going on right now is the fact that I'm lactating. Yep, I am producing milk despite the fact that I'm not pregnant and haven't had a child. It's been a year since I stopped nursing E, so I called the OB/GYN and asked about it. I figured it was a normal albeit weird thing, but they want me to come in for blood tests. I can't find anything on the internets about this, so if you know anything, let me know! Please! My best guess is that my hormones are finally normalizing. No panic attacks this week, even with the teething and tantrums. I've been feeling pretty level headed and good. Ahhh, how nice to bea able to deal with life instead of freaking the fuck out all the time. So I'll go in and get the blood tests and just see what's up, and deal with whatever is across that bridge when I get there.

And now, dinner! John has prepared and Indian feast, and my tummy is growling. Have a lovely evening!


HollyLynne said...

omg, spontaneous lactation!!! you're some kind of superhero :D

eeuggghhh crimp bead woes . . . those little buggers tick me right off sometimes . . . those and split jump rings but i can't live w/o either!

paul was impressed when he heard where john djed! he said 'oh, he was a REAL dj" :)

Anonymous said...

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