Thursday, June 5, 2008

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, or, the most random post ever

Well, ships anyway. I'm reading Moby Dick, and it either crawls slowly and kills me to read or it flies by and is awesome. It has literally NEVER taken me this long to read a book. I finished King's "It" in under four days. This book is a quest. I have found a new love for whales, though.

Let's see, I threw my favorite bracelet directly into a patch of poison ivy this morning while trying to throw out a banana that had fallen. It's still there, in the woods by the playground. I will have to go get it after the kids leave, and when I am wearing pants. I do not want poison ivy. Also: I need to tighten the elastic on the bracelet. The beads are made of the wood of the Bodhi tree and came from Tibet, or was made in India by a Tibetan. I don't remember. But I'm very sad that right now my reminder of compassion is possibly being coveted by squirrels. Or the groundhog. Did I mention that I am now actively competing with a groundhog for food? Yep. Me and the groundhog, battle royal. It is the level of excitement I am comfortable with. Obviously, sky diving is right out.

But! There is more excitement, and I am trying not to quiver. Our fence posts were set in concrete today, which means that as long as it doesn't rain, out fence will go up on Saturday. (It's going to rain lots, so the fence will be finished in July.) As happy as I am about the fence, I am going to miss seeing Henry and Harriet, the two wild bunnies, in our backyard. I am so sad, in fact, that I have been making noise to family about getting another bunny. A dwarf like we used to have, before he died of old age last year. Family has been mildly supportive, but not really enthusiastic. I know my girl would be on my side, but I don't want to mention getting a bunny unless we are really going to get one. Life is full of too many heartbreaks already. I don't want to add to the tally.

I haven't been sewing at all lately. I don't know if it's because I want to be outside, or if it's the Lexapro making me tired and unenthusiastic, but I can't seem to get into the sewing groove. So sad.

Now let's jump to Bill Murray. I'm very torn right now, because I adore Bill. I love his acting, I love his humor. I don't care about his infidelity, because that's between him and his soon-to-be-ex wife. But I'm very much against violence, and hitting your husband/wife/partner is not something I think should happen. I don't know if the allegations are true or not, but they make me sad. As do so many things I hear and can do nothing about. Burma, for instance. I refuse to call it by the name the junta gave it. I can not believe that people can be so detached, so cruel. I can't believe a government would turn away aid so badly needed. I can't believe no one is doing anything about it. Things like this make me feel very small, and very lucky to live the way I do. And all the poor families in China, dealing with the loss of parents and children and life in general. Man, I am a downer today. Sorry! But if I don't acknowledge the suffering of others, I can not start to figure out how to help. And I'd be a horrible person. So there-we're done with modern horrors for now.

Finally: Honey jager. My god, the awesomeness that is honey liquor. Ahhhhh

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HollyLynne said...

you know . . . i always thought it was 'shoes and ships and ceiling wax' which, in retrospect, makes ABSOLUTLEY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. I had a little light bulb hovering above my head when I read your title :)