Friday, June 27, 2008

Vacation and falling down

So that whole "countdown to vacation with pictures" thing went off real pretty like, didn't it? Ugh, crazy week before vacation Murphy's Law! E has an ear infection, which explains why she's been acting like satan. Poor kid! She's doing better now, which is WONDERFUL. My ears have stopped bleeding and everything! John's had a cold, or bug, something that's turned him into a tired, stuffy slightly grumpy man. I'm just tired. Oh, and waiting to hear back about the blood tests I had this earlier this week. Apparently (according to the nurse who is one of my daycare parents) the lactation could be a symptom of a pituitary tumor, which they pull out through your nose. I keep flashing back to "Total Recall" and the scene where Arnold pulls the huge round ball out of his nose. If I do have a tumor, I'll be practicing all my Arnie impersonations so that I can annoy the shit out of everyone around me by yelling "Ahhhh!" and "It's not a tumor!" I'm evil like that sometimes. My guess is that everything is going to come back fine, and they're going to tell me it was just an odd thing. Here's hoping, anyway!

I'd have pictures for you today, but right now I can't seem to find my camera. Ouch. I'm sure it's around here somewhere, but the house has exploded in the last week. I normally keep a fairly tidy ship because of the daycare, but it's that pre-vacation slide where you know you're about to have a break, so you slip into vacation messy mode a day or two or seven too soon. I kind of sucks because I've made a really cool butterfly necklace and matching earrings, some gorgeous stone anklets, and an anklet with lady bugs that is too damn cute. Maybe I can stick them on the scanner... the one I couldn't get working after the computer crashed Tuesday. Maybe not.

Speaking of my new(est) addiction, jewelry making, I'm contemplating an order with Fire Mountain Gems. Over at Indie Home Ec, well, Ms. Holly adores the company. My Wednesday night craft buddy, Marianne, loves them as well. I've looked over the website and am impressed, so I think I might place a small order. A test order, if you will. If I'm pleased I'll place a bigger order for the class I'll be teaching this fall: Beading for Big Kids. Oh-in case I didn't mention-I'm now an art teacher! Kind of! I'll be teaching toddler and later children's and later still maybe some adult art/creativity classes at our local community art place. I have no qualifications except that I worked in a large and well known art museum, love art and work with kids doing art projects all the time. My friend, who runs the local art place (well, she's the program director, but she runs the place in my book) invited me to try this out. I'm as excited as I am disorganized. Two great traits that invite disaster! But I digress, Fire Mountain Gems! A new way to spend my allowance. I drool over the website, and contemplate my poverty.

I would tell you that we're going on vacation so I'll be taking a break, but I've been posting so sporadically I'm not sure you'd even notice the difference. From Tuesday through Thursday we'll be in a cabin in the woods with no phone, computer or TV, so I won't be blogging from there. The rest of the time's a crap shoot, like normal. If I don't get any posting done, I hope you have a fabulous weekend, week and 4th. Blow some shit up for me. Now, back to making anklets with the kiddies!


Anonymous said...

I just had a friend who had the pituitary surgery, and he's absolutely fine. He got to wear some funny headgear for a while, until he healed up (and we got to tease him), but he's great now, back teaching and coaching soccer.

So, you get to play Ancient Egyptian mummy for a bit and have someone go up your nose and take something out of your head.

wheeeee! :)


HollyLynne said...

oooh . . . PLACE THAT FIRE MOUNTAIN ORDER!!! they rock so hard. i couldn't run my shop w/o them. if you can get yourself to the 15 item discount level you really can save a lot (or, you know, you could aim for that 50 item discount :)) i usually buy lots of crimp beads to push myself over if i'm close :)