Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waiting for the pea soup

This morning when I woke there was a small, cute little red head standing next to my bed. I had .5 seconds to bask in love for her before she opened her mouth and I realized a demon had stolen our child during the night and replaced her with this contrary, screaming, tantruming little beast who does the opposite of every request.

There was the "getting dressed" fiasco, the "put my socks on/why did you put my socks on" meltdown, the "I don't want to walk" phase and we ended with the "I will not sit down to eat/I am so hungry I want breakfast/I will not sit down to eat, etc" spiral directly into hell.

At one point I looked at the clock, realized it was 7:40 and the best I had to look forward to was two teething infants and two toddlers that could go either way in the behavior department.

I drank coffee. (It's true! John bought my this nifty little filter holder that sits right on your coffee cup and holds the filter and the coffee grounds. Genius!) Right now I am in the midst of the nap time wars. She keeps waking everyone up, so she ended up in her room upstairs. And every few minutes I go up like a mute robot and put her back in bed. She needs a nap. I need a shot of vodka.

In wonderful, craft related news, my friend Marianne is coming over tonight to have some craft time! She's bringing citric acid so that I can try my hand at bath bombs, and I'm going to show her my sewing room/studio and we'll probably do some beading. If she gets here early enough I'd like to take her to the bead store, and maybe to the hobby shop to pick up some dice for
a geek centric craft I've been thinking about. We're also thinking about starting a line of merchandise that focuses on non-Judeo-Christian religions, so that should be fun. John might escape the house after the E goes to bed-he's had a pretty crappy day, too. I think that the 9 days until vacation are going to be great no matter what, because we have vacation to look forward to. Time to go mute robot again.

OH! and Friday is the solstice! Don't forget to celebrate (if you do)!


HollyLynne said...

ooh!!!!! another craft night!!! and not a moment too soon it sounds like :) i'd love to hear how the bath bombs go . . . thats one thing i've always wanted to try. when paul and I were at disneyland getting engaged we bought a few bath bombs from a little store that had TINY DINOSAURS hidden inside!!! they were awesome!

HollyLynne said...

oh, and ps: you've gotta tell me where your husband dj-ed . . . paul has been bugging me RELENTLESSLY to find out :)

Domesticrazy said...

The bath bombs turned out really well! A few have little sponge toys inside, and I'd like to try little dinosaurs, spiders and the like. So much fun! We used lavender and it's so nice to sink into a fizzy, relaxing bath...

John was a DJ on a few local stations here. The big one was 99.7, The Blitz. It recently changed format, so it now plays Tesla. Gah. He was with the company for over 7 years and ran a local music show, which was fun while it lasted. Now he sometimes laments about how Rock n' Roll is dead, radio is nothing but another corporate enterprise, etc etc etc. It sucks for him because it was what he was meant to do, but not the way radio is operating now. Poor dude is an anachronism.