Thursday, July 31, 2008

I might pass out while typing this

I have to tell you the truth: I have been more tired than this before. Many times. But I'm out of practice, so this seems like the most tired ever to me right now. Snnnork!

We had a great weekend, but it was very busy and very sleep deprived. I have had a complication or two from the surgery last week, and am on pain meds and am uncomfortable. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow for some more meds, and the issues should clear up by next week. (Shingles sucks. Chronic shingles just keeps on suckin') On Saturday we took E to a kid's amusement park, where she was adored by her cousins. She rode her first roller coaster, bumper car, airplane ride, etc etc etc. Her favorite appeared to be the scrambler, and I am so proud of my girl! She was fearless! She also held up really well through a long hot day. Plus, she was very brave. Her cousin Allie won her a poink lizard, which is a dinosaur to our girl. It looks like a dinosaur to me, too. John tried to win me a prize, but didn't quite get one. I won the kids a toy each, and ate some icee and funnel cake. It was a fantastic day!

Sunday we went on a tour of (insert large midwest city here) to see my sister and her dude, as well as old college friends of John's and their boy. He had a birthday party, with Curious George and all the trimmings. He's 2, adorable, and sweet. We then got lost, backtracked, realized we left the bag with all my medicine at the party, backtracked again, and finally made it home last night after having a huge fight. You know how sometimes couples just need to have a big fight to clear the air and release some couple tension? I love the fact that when taht bubble pops, it pops no matter where you are, especially when where you are is trapped in a car. So John and I are good with each other again, but my eyes are puffy. E was in the car with us, which kept the fight civil and sans cussing. Funny story, as we were fighting she kept repeating things I'd said. Good thing I have learned to get mad and not swear! I'd prefer not to argue around her, but perhaps she will learn that conflict is inevitable sometimes, and that it's OK to disagree, as long as you fight fair and remember that love is more importnant than the disagreement. Or we could skip long car rides in the future. Either way...

The unfair bit was last night after we got home. I did a bunch of little things to myself accidentally, like slamming my finger in the shower door and managing to create a suction cup out of my lower back and getting stuck to the floor and then giving myself a hickie-type rash getting unstuck. (Long story) Tonight I'm going out with my friend Jen, and hopefully that will take my mind off the surly demon that ate my sweet girl last night and replaced her in her bed.

This has been the least crafty post ever.

Free time, The Venture Brothers and small heads

I'm going upstairs now to try and make some crowns. I have no pattern, just a dream and some fabric. Perhaps crowns will encourage the kind of behavior I want to see, like "nice" or "doesn't hit" or "nap champ" or even "speaks clearly." I'm going to write those things on crowns. Well, maybe not exactly those things, but some things, nice things about good behavior and non-violence and for not sitting on/taking a toy away from/squeezing the baby/ies. The crowns will be rewards. And hopefully, we will get a chance to make fairy houses tomorrow.

To the sewing room!

Lumpy the elephant and not horking

Someone is messing with me. We've been dealing with a very irritating smoke/CO2 alarm issue since Tuesday, and last night at 2 am all the damn alarms decided to go off. This sucked for several reasons. Let me list them numerically for you:
  1. Due to insomnia and not being able to take my Ambien with Vicodin (I'm afraid to mix) I was up until 2 am. I had just laid down and started to drift off when the alarms started.
  2. We were up from 2 until 4:30 due to all the alarms being connected, a faulty pack of batteries John had to run to the store and replace, and hidden smoke alarms that we needed to find and change the batteries in so all alarms would shut the hell up.
  3. Phantom beeps for the rest of the night, all in our heads waking us up in panics.
  4. Not knowing if the alarms were being assholes or if we had a CO2 leak in the house.
Oddly enough, after getting up several times before the alarms, E slept through the whole alarm fiasco. I'm very grateful for that one small gift from last night, but man, kids are weird little creatures.

Craft night last night was good, but sadly enough everyone didn't jump up and hand me stuff to put in the shop. I keep forgetting I'm more excited than everyone else, and they are not going to stay up late dreaming about the shop the way I do. Aside from shop talk, though, we had a fantastic time. Well, I did. I can't vouch for anyone else. But! I'm starting to look forward to Wednesday nights more and more each week. It's nice to have a group of girls to talk and listen to. Next week the gathering will be at my house, and we're going to play with bottle caps, spray paint, decoupage and resin. Woo hoo! Marlene also placed a huge Fire Mountain Gem order, so I have that to look forward to. Group ordering is the way to go, I think. And I admire her for doing the order-I'd be too confused. As we were looking through the catalog she almost talked me into a $50 cut stone package, and if I'd had the $50 I would have caved. I'm hoping to run a present and the cash over to her tonight, but we'll have to see how that goes...

Tuesday night I tried to finish an elephant that I'd started for one of the kids in the day care. As you can see from the title, Lumpy didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I'm going to try him again tonight, and see if maybe I can sew something that doesn't look like it has a horrible disease.

Boob status, day 4: We're doing better! I appear to have stopped lactating. It still feels like I am, but there have been no spots on my shirts for two days now. I didn't take the vicodin until 10:45 this morning, and I'm trying to wean off that onto just ibuprofen this weekend. The incision site is bruised and turning a sick yellow color, which means it's healing well. Ugh, the itch. I'm really happy with how well everything is healing and feeling, and grateful that this wasn't more severe or scary. I'm also glad that I didn't have to have anything else removed...I heard stories of a breast reduction last night that made me hurt for the lady. Her quote from waking up from surgery and seeing her father for the first time in two years: "Holy crap, I can see my feet!" Best. Reaction. Ever. The lady in question also gave me a pin that looks like intestines with a rose on top, so she's a new hero in my tiny world. I heart craft night, and I have other, naughty feeling for it as well. (shhh!)

I think that coffee and vicodin were not a great mix, given the feeling of impending hork I've had for the last twenty minutes or so. I needed the coffee (see opening paragraph) and the pain relief (see left boob) but the combo is not one I'll repeat unless absolutley neccesary. Right now I just feel like laying down for a few hours, but the kids can't cook for themselves. I'm going to go whip up some PB&J, change some diapers and hope for a good naptime today. I HOPE to update with some pics of finished stuff tonight. I'm looking for constructive critism about the shots, because I don't want to look like a sped when I post the photos to the shop for people to maybe buy things. If you let me know what you think about prices, too, I'll not only love you and cherish you, but I'll send you a gift in the mail. What can you lose?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vicodin is kicking in again

Boob status: Better now that the vicodin is kicking in. It hurts, but not so much that it's not bearable. The worst was this morning when the batteries died in one of our smoke alarms and I tried to change the battery after wrangling babies. Once that was over I had to sit down to get rid of the little spots in my eyes. Keeping my arm down seems to be key. All in all, though, I couldn't ask for a better report and recovery so far. I get to take a shower tonight, I'm not bleeding through my bandage, and whatever was in me is not safely out and away. I might even get a tattoo around the scar after my next (hopefully) baby. I've never wanted a boob tattoo, but if I'm going to have a scar there anyway...

So! I made more jewelry last night all hopped up on my pain pills. I really love the peice I made with snowflake obsidian, citrine and an obsidian turtle. I can't wait for the card to get here so I can start posting items for sale in the shop. (Thanks for the info Hollylynne! I knew the card was only charged once a month. I swear I did. And NO WAY I forgot because of the drugs...not at all...) Beck has done so much work getting our policies together, contacting a lady about the banners and card designs and such. I'm really impressed that so many people have opened shops on their own. There's just so much to get set up and keep an eye on, there's no way I could do it alone! Luckliy I have smart friends. Friends who are nice and help me, and who anly laugh a little when I act like an idiot.

Tonight is going to be a sewing night, since tomorrow is craft night and I know I can bead there. It was really odd, but once Beck got here my urge to sew came back. I've wanted to sew a few times lately, but my gumption left as soon as I went into the sewing room. After having made a bag I'm proud of, and seeing Beck whip out those headbands, I'm raring to go again. I wonder if that means I'm not a "self-starter?" I prefer to think that I'm just waiting until the time is right. What? It's plausible.

Well, the vicodin is making me addle-brained, and all the kids are asleep, so I'm going to go space out in the quiet for a little bit. If you can think of something fun for me to sew, you know, a challenge kind of thing, leave it in the comments. Otherwise I'm going to make bags tonight, because they are so easy and I don't need a pattern. Off to space!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Super Secret High Tech Shop Preview Post!

Moira & Alice (Etsy shop moiraandalice) will have items listed as soon as I
  • get the credit card from the bank
  • change the credit card for fees on Etsy
  • figure out how the hell to do it
But! We do have stuff made and ready to go. And since you've been such staunch and loyal supporters through all my addled mind can dish out, I've decided to give you a little preview of our stuff. (Let's be honest, I'm dipping my toe in the water. Self doubt...)

Beck made some beautiful headbands, one of which I am wearing right now. It's mine! NFS! But the ones E and I haven't hoarded will be in the shop for sale, as well as some jewelry and a purse I am so proud I made. I'm resisting the urge to cuddle the bag this very minute.

I learned a lot about taking shots for your store today, too. For instance, our favorite brown cover that's so soft and perfect for cuddling up with? It looks like muppet fur up close.

Here's my favorite un-hoarded headband. They're reversible, even!

This is some material I bought at the local quilt shop Beck found online. I'm thinking a bag, or wristlet, or I don't know. Placemats might be cool, too. Or coasters? So prettyyyy...

What would you make out of it?

Sorry for the spelling errors and sentimental gushing

I'm all goofy from the drugs. The biopsy today went well! Dude took out 2 masses from my left breast. Both appear benign, but we'll know for sure by the end of the week. Dude also said the masses were deeper and larger than he expected. I made him show me what he removed in a drug induced bought of bravery. I am extremely squeamish about some things, for example I always had a hard time disbudding the kids on the goat farm. Neutering was right out. But this was different-this was something out of me that I wanted to see. If it had been (or is) cancerous, I wanted to see what it looked like.

I think I also kept asking the Doc how he was doing, and if he was having a good day. During the surgery. Mostly I dozed, though, and talked John into getting me Oreos, potato chips and wine on the way home when we stopped to get my prescriptions. I'm snookered on all of the above right now, because a glass of wine carries a lot of bang after a day like today.

Well, this was more of a entry for myself, I guess. Since last October my body, hormones, family, husband and emotional state have felt like a roller coaster. Today feels like that last little bit of a hard race or hike or swim. You know you can do this thing, you know you are almost finished, and then you will be able to rest. The hardest part is about to be over. That is exactly how today feels to me. I have started a shop with my best friend, who is smart and wonderful and all the mushy stuff I could say would make you puke. But! We are still friends after 10 years, I still love her for exactly who she is, and I still think she's weird. And funny. This business in one form or another has been a dream of ours since we were in college. I'm inspired and motivated again. I probably don't have cancer, and if I do, they probably got it out today. I'm not crazy, or having panic attacks. The kids are doing well, my little girl is growing up and becoming more hilarious and magical each day, and my best friend is my husband and he knows when to say "I love you" and "I'm sorry" and when to make me laugh.

If I keep going I'll be wearing a lampshade on my head and telling you why you're such a great guy. So I'm going to work on our shop preview entry and celebrate the fact that things are going well. I'm also going to ignore the phone...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holy day, Batman!

Yesterday "Moira" and I ("Alice"-not my real name. Apparently I gripe like an old woman named Alice. I have no idea where Moira came from-stupid dead brain cells.) Moira and I went to the bank. I don't know if I mentioned this here before, but I change diapers, sing songs and finger paint for a living. Thank christ I brought someone with me that has a clue, because I am disabled when it comes to money, interest rates, credit score hits, etc etc etc. After that admittedly hilarious fiasco, (we discussed marriage so that it could be a joint account and had the bank ladies guffawing) and successfully setting up an account that does not connect to any of our other accounts, Beck and I did the fun stuff.

We walked through part of the car show going on in the town I live in. Beck peed her pants at a bunch of cars, I laughed at her, and I also learned a lot about old cars. It was freaking hot. We stopped back at my house so I could change clothes because it was too freaking hot. I also made her feel my lovely lady lump, because John refuses to touch it. So I freaked Beck out, changed into a grease stained tank top (I didn't know it was grease stained until later, to be fair) and we went to a cool little quilting shop. My girl, she has great taste in fabric. This was prep work-we got fabric for her fabulous headbands she'll be selling. And fabric for some bags I'll be making. Then we had lunch. And dessert! Then we went to the bead shop. Like I said, prep work. We were getting stuff to make stuff to sell in the shop we were going to set up that evening.

Clearly, we had no idea what we were doing.

Somewhere around 10:30 pm last night I'm saying "Oh fuck this" and "The email will work if I have to go down to yahoo and beat somebody's head in." We took turns getting frustrated because it was not the account number we needed for all the sites, but the credit card number for the associated account. The card that we will receive in 5 business days.

If we can't switch cards, I'm going to pee in Etsy's shoes. Then I'm going to cry and start all over again. Ugh.

But! The site exists, and we have stuff to put in it. I'm having my biopsy tomorrow, so things won't get going until after that, but we're almost there! I'm going to convo my guru soon (dinner time now!) for help. Thank you for experiencing my technical difficulties with me. Husband is making huffing noises about coming to the table.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


HELP! Hollylynne! We're so damn confused and and frustrated and and and helpless when trying to start up our shop.

We're eastern time. Can we schedule a convo or something on Sunday (or after?) for help?


The shop is called MoiraandAlice.

Craft mojo...we has it!

Paypal and etsy mojo...we don't has it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My boob! and other musings

Monday I will go in and have a mass removed from my left breast. Mass will then go to pathology, be declared cancer-free, and I'll get some demerol in the process. Outpatient surgery, mass gone. The guy I had the consultation with yesterday groped me, declared that the mass felt benign, and also thought we should get it out just to be sure. I'm looking forward to this being done, by gum!

I found a new bead shop on my way to craft night last night. It's in an old house, it has great prices and a huge selection, and I can't wait to go back. My next purchase will probably be a hammer and block to flatten metal. (I love working with wire!) I'll be taking Beck there this weekend on our way to the quilt and stained glass shop she wants to visit. We need to go to the bank, get business cards ordered, have a couple drinks and GET THE SHOP OPEN! You're all invited to the grand opening party. No rum.

As I was making bracelets and watching kung fu with the girls last night, I started thinking about all the wonderful people who have inspired me lately. Beck, who is a huge inspiration and awesome friend, mentioned how cool it is that we know and talk to bloggers as far away as California. Hollylynne, let me take the time to tell you that you rock! Thanks for getting me into beading. Beck, thanks for encouraging me to sew again, keepig me going and being the awesome and talent that is you. Marianne, thanks for all the help and lessons and great ideas and craft night. There is so much information, inspiration, talent and creativity out there. Even if I never make a dime from all the creating I do, I'll still be grateful that I've found this artistic outlet. And memory wire. So much fun!

Ahh, time to clean macaroni off the floor, table, walls and ceiling. I might take a picture of my boob, too. To remember it as it was before Senor Mass came to town.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's just a step to the left...

It's time to adjust some things around here. The boys are ready to give up their morning nap, and for sanity's sake I think it's time. The youngest girl has moved to a big girl chair (no more booster!) and everyone is eating big kid food to some extent. That's the great and frustrating part of life: it never stays the same. Good or bad, time just keeps moving.

I got a call from the next doctor's office this morning, and I go in for a consultation tomorrow. Ugh. Just do the damn biopsy, OK? I don't want another breast exam, especially not from a stranger, and a guy to boot. My boobs fall under the "My Property" category of my life, and I am extremely specific about who gets to see or touch them. I know that this is normal practice, but still. Half the state saw my lady bits when I gave birth, my boobs are the only secret I have left! The consult is tomorrow at one pm est. After that they'll schedule the biopsy within two weeks. Ugh ugh ugh.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Not quite the week I expected

The laundry didn't kill me, just so you know. Actually, it was a phone call the day after my last post. My doctor called after she received the ultrasound and mammogram photos. Loooong story shorter, she didn't like the look of the photos and wants me to get a biopsy done. She also insisted that I start the medicine to dry up my milk, because if the medicine works it will give them a better clue as to what the hell is going on.

I'm actually doing OK with this. I'm a little scared about the biopsy itself, because dude! Big needle in my boob! But I think the results will be OK. No real reason, just feel like this isn't going to be cancer. The medicine for the milk though, that stuff is nasty. I'm exhausted, nauseous, and my nose alternates running and stuffing itself with cotton. There's more, but you don't want to know. Luckily the scrip is only for ten days, so in 6 more I'll feel less like hell!

Unfortunately, due to the barfing and sleeping I didn't get to the bank this weekend. Banks can be a little challenging when you don't have a lunch hour to run out! So I'm concentrating on getting some pictures taken when I can/feel up to it. Mostly, though, I'm waiting for the Dr's office to call me back so that I know when the biopsy will be done. And sleeping.

Now I'm going to try and get these kids outside to play before the storms hit. If I'm feeling good I might post some more after yoga, but no promises!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am about to declare jihad on the next child who screams/whines/tests me. When they wake up (they all finally went to sleep about 10 minutes ago...ONLY ONE HOUR OFF SCHEDULE!) I'm going to put juice popsicles into their little maws and take them out to pick tomatoes and basil from the garden. We're having pesto tonight, and it's so wonderful made from fresh basil. Mmmmm

My beads are here!! I'm going to have so much fun tonight, for it is craft night, and I am ready.

You know, I had tons to say before I sat down at the computer. Brain stops are not fair.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Late nights and batteries

Last night Beans and I got to scheming...and planning...and laughing. I think sometimes that the two of us could accomplish anything together. Well, almost anything. Don't ask us to line dance or not crack wise. There are limits. But we've hammered out a few visits, some ideas for stuff to sell at her craft show booth, some logo ideas, business card issues and more.

Goal: Etsy store open by Sunday.

Lofty goal, but realistic, I think. Let me know if I'm forgetting anything, but here's my list:
  1. Open bank account for Etsy/Pay pal exclusive use.
  2. Call Pay Pal and set up account
  3. Connect Pay Pal account to Etsy store
  4. Post pictures of goods in Etsy store and figure out how the hell to load banner/make store pretty/figure out shipping/man am I bad at this crap
  5. Enjoy craft empire
I might be missing a few steps here...let me know if I'm about to really fuck up here, OK?

It has been reported that the Wii Fit is loved by a co-worker, and that each exercise opens a new one once it is mastered. I like the idea of exercise as a game, and at this point it beats the everloving fuck out of another 15 or 30 minutes with Leslie Sansone. John showed me some videos of people playing, and it looks fun, so we may give that a shot in the future.

I'd have pictures of the bathroom for you, and the stuff I've made, but the camera up and died when I turned it on. The batteries are charging as you read this. Someday!

Beads are still not here. FedEx finally updated the tracking info, and they left yet another FedEx location this morning, but they are still not in my STATE, so the July 16 arrival date seems to be accurate. Sing it with me! Ooooh the waaaaitiiiiiing is the hardest paaaaaaart.....

I am wearing no lotion, deodorant, fragrance, etc. Apparently you need to go in stinking, flaky and with bad hair to get a mammogram. My yoga instructor gave me some mudras to do to help me keep calm, and she and a friend that has recovered from breast cancer walked me through what to expect. I think that's the scariest part of anything, the not knowing what to expect. I'm just wondering now if I'm going to leak on the machine when they squish me. Bets are welcome.

Lastly, the laundry situation in this house is out of control. If I'm not back in a few days, it means the laundry has killed me. Donate to your favorite charity.

UPDATE! Milk seems to be from hormones. I have a mass in my left hooter, so I got the ultra sound upgrade during my visit. They're not terribly concerned so I go back in 6 months to get it checked out again. If you've not had a mammogram yet, be warned: they put band-aids with metal studs on your nipples. Combined with the hospital gown and lack of any products for face, hair or stink, I was literally walking around singing "I feel pretty!"

Monday, July 14, 2008


We did it, we stimulated the hell out of the economy yesterday. We haven't received the check yet, but we know it is coming and we're not hard up right now, so we ordered the Wii package that comes out on Friday from EB Games. It's a Wii, two nunchuck things, two Wii remotes, four games and a charger. It'll ship Friday, so we'll have it within a week, if all goes well. Knocking wood like a mother.

I was thinking about adding the Wii fit package, but I'm not convinced it's anything more that Wii Posture. It says it has yoga, but the board it comes with isn't big enough for a mat-and the box pictured a standing pose. I don't know-do you guys know anything about Wii fit? My suspicion is that it's not really that effective or worth the money, but I'd love some input from anyone who knows!


Yesterday I spent 3+ hours scrubbing our bathroom top to bottom. I'd show you a "before" picture, but then you guys would NEVER come visit. I bleached, dusted, redecorated, scrubbed and bleached some more. I removed the bath mats and scrubbed the floor. I was so inspired that I made a new mat last night from some of my favorite material, the blue pear stuff I'd originally picked out for the kitchen chairs. If I get a chance I'll try to take some pictures later today, but no promises. The next time I break out the camera I want to get the jewelry pics too. Eh, we'll see how it goes. But the bathroom is sparkling and I'm satisfied.

I won't lie to you: I am not known as the best housekeeper. It's not because I don't know how, it's because it takes a lot of effort to do it right. I am usually to tired for that much effort, thus my house is a mess. It's gotten tremendously better since I started the daycare. In the days of old the house was filled with beer cans, the beer cans were filled with ashes and cigarette butts, and the ash from various substances coated any available surface. I was either too high or drunk to notice the mess, I guess. Ahh, the halcyon days of yore. Now you could eat off my floors at least 3 days a week, and ash coats very little. Usually around an incense burner. I try my best to have a nice and comfy home, a safe place for the kids, and an area where I would like to spend my time. Sometimes it takes a huge amount of time, like yesterday, to clean up and organize a space I have neglected for months or longer, but in the end it is always worth it. If I could just figure out how to keep it clean...

Oh hell, I'm going to be too busy making jewelry and playing my Wii.

But on a final note, my husband is a fantastic cook. He made the best and most delicious Indian dinner for us last night. It took him over two hours, and it tasted GREAT! But I really wish he'd been doing the laundry he promised to do, instead. I'd have eaten Boca and frozen veggies and had a clean bra to wear today, and I would have been so very happy. I'm going to nail that man down and beat him until the laundry is done. OK, maybe not. But pretty soon he's going to run out of undies, and HE WILL RUE THE DAY HE SHIRKED ON HOUSEHOLD CHORES.

UPDATE!! The IRS was kind enough to send us the check. I'm going to put a huge deposit in the bank for my child's future education, and try not to cry because I know that this HUGE amount will buy her food for less than one quarter by the time she's off to higher education land. But still! Money for kid, Wii next week, beads this week, life? She is sweet.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eaten alive

The mosquitoes this morning were insane. We put Deep Woods Off on before we started hiking, while hiking, again while hiking, and eventually we were just hiking while spraying off. We each are still bitten. Little fuckers were everywhere, and vicious! We're going to try a different trail next time, preferably one not ruled by the Vengeful God of Bloodsuckers.

I checked on the tracking for my FMG order. It's estimated my beads will be here on the 16th. WAH! But! Yesterday we got the IRS letter telling us that we would get our stimulus check by...the 11th. The day we got the letter. So the check should be here very soon! The majority is going into E's college fund, the rest will probably stimulate the economy. Let's just say I'm a certain lady who wants a Wii. I'm using the exercise idea as an excuse. I'd actually be happy with just the game that comes with it, but perhaps also Wii Fit? I need to go look at Wii stuff online. In fact, I'm going to go do that now. enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2008

On the morrow

I must confess, I didn't go anywhere near a camera or computer Wednesday night or yesterday. I need to stop making promises here I can't keep, but I'm such a tease. I'm the prom date that is disappointing, after having gotten her limo ride, fancy dinner and smuggled wine coolers I still refuse to put out. Honestly, though, I really feel bad about saying I'm going to do something and then not getting it done. Mid year resolution: make no promises/comments I can't keep. It doesn't count for resolutions, though. I'mma keep making those until I'm blue.

The bead update, because I know you want to know what's going on in every part of my dull life. My order from Fire Mountain is in Portland, OR. Chances it will get here today: NONE. Unless they fly it, and I doubt a Fed Ex Ground service is going to help me with my bead lust by suddenly deciding to fly their ground shipments. Bastards that they are. How do you stand the waiting? AAAaaaaahhhhhhhh

Good news! Loving wonderful friend has new blog. Visit her here:
She said she had to spell magical wrong because someone else had it. Why?! Can two people both be so into beans? Fear should the two ever meet, we will all be gassed to hell.

Today John said something about something, and I told him to keep calm and carry on. It has become a new catch phrase around here. John wants to Macro a picture of a Klingon with it. For some reason a Klingon with a phrase about keeping calm and carrying on cracks his shit up to no end. I married a weirdo. Said weirdo wants to put tempeh on a grill tonight. Pray for me, praying people. Everyone else either drink or go out for dinner. I have lost hope for my dinner.

Eh, to continue the randomness of this and all my other posts, let me tell you about my weekend. I'm going "hiking" tomorrow, if you can call walking around in the dry, flat and hot midwest hiking. After that we're taking E to her dance class, then lunch and nap, and then, who knows? We might go crazy and start staining the fence again. Sunday is for groceries and laundry. I've been promised time to set up a bank account at a bank that is not out current one, so that when hackers rip off my Pay Pal info they won't get all of our money. This is step one of the Etsy Shop You Have Heard About But does Not Yet Exist. I figure if Becky is going to make such nice stuff, I might as well get my ass in gear and sell it for her. That, and support my "beading habit" as it is now known 'round here. Self funding is the goal, so that I do not go into debt and start stealing from old ladies so I can buy more gemstones and wire.

I took E to the pool last night for family swim night, and it went realy well! She was awesome, made friends, and didn't pee in the pool. That I noticed. So we'll be doing that again soon. So much easier with one child! But now I'm spent, so off to monitor naptime. Tell me, what are you doing this weekend? And has your FMG order arrived yet? And did you make me a headband? And what about Rodrigo? Does he marry Silvia, or does he chose Tristan, the stable boy? I MUST KNOW!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Orders and squishes

I placed my first order with Fire Mountain yesterday, so I now waiting with baited breath for my stuff to get here. I made it over the 15 item line, and wow! It really is worth it. I ordered a lot of pearls and millefiori glass, and some cones. I've wanted to try cones for ages. (weeks at least, anyway) It would really, really easy to go bankrupt on that site. I managed to stay within my budget, but just barely!

The boob stupid goes on. I'm still lactating, but more so. I finally called my family doctor, who is a saint that poops gold as far as I am concerned. She scheduled a diagnostic mammogram. I had no idea that there were different types! I go in next Tuesday. She also called in a scrip for some medicine to dry me up. Life is a strange trip, yes? I'm trying to roll with it. In fact, I think I'm going to order the "Keep calm and carry on" print from Etsy. I've seen it so many times, but I saw it on Indie Home Ec today, and it struck a nerve. Probably because one of the kids has diaper rash and his mom started freaking out and I started to have a panic attack. DIAPER RASH IS NOT MY FAULT. THE BOY IS TEETHING. Christ, I feel like such a freak sometimes. I'm trying hard to let it go. Because I do need to keep calm and carry on, you know? Anything else is silly.

I'm going to take pictures of my jewelry at craft night tonight, and post them on the morrow. I'm hoping to set up a bank account tonight for Pay Pal, and then get that fabled store up. It's time to make this hobby start working hard for the money!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We found where the fairies live

Hi! We're back from vacation, and right now my little darling is standing in the corner screaming "NO!" She was so wonderful and sweet the whole vacation week. Life returns to normal.

We went to Hocking Hills, Ohio this year. I really went for the hot tub and cabin in the woods, but both were overshadowed by the gorgeous and breathtaking parks. We went hiking every morning, cooked over an open fire every night but the last one, and had a nice, relaxing time.

The scenery at Old Man's Cave, Rockbridge and Conkel's Hollow was so gorgeous that I now want to move to a place that's similar. One of the things that was difficult about these pictures (aside from my camera's battery troubles and my lack of skill) is that the rock formations, etc are so huge you just can't get a sense of scale. Also, I couldn't fit everything into the frame without leaving the trail. As a hippie, that is not something I'm willing to do.
Do you see those people on the right? Over them is a huge rock outcropping. This IS Old Man's Cave-named for a hermit who found the place and lived there with his dogs. Can you imagine living in a place like this?
In the middle of the park we found this concrete bridge. Art Deco out of nowhere! Each peice is free-standing.I also took a picture from a bridge above it. All the dark parts are the spaces between the structures. I'm still trying to find out who built it and why.

We went to Old Man's Cave twice. I forgot my camera the first time, so we went back after checking out on Friday. The first time we hiked through it had been dry for a few days. The second time it had rained the night before, and the entire place was transformed! There were new waterfalls everywhere. It was misty and mystical and magical and moving. I'm Dr. Suess. Anyway, the cave you see below E actually was able to crawl around in on the first visit. The second time the water was too deep to cross to get there. Well, too deep for a two year old who has a lengthy car ride ahead of her.

This place is called "The Devil's Bathtub" It's shaped just like a big tub, but once you're in it's nearly impossible to get out.

E's favorite place was Conkle's Hollow. This is a picture of the full grown forest that is growing above the waterfall. You could stand under full grown forest. Holy shit.

E in front of the waterfall. I wish this one would have turned out a little clearer-it's one of my favorites.
The view from inside the cave.
Here John and E are inside "The Grotto." The rock it's cut out of was too big fro me to get the whole thing in the picture.

It seems that touching things with sticks is really cool. This was a small rock that had fallen just before a new trail was put in. Despite how small it was, they moved the trail around it.

Some people for perspective.

My favorite picture: (at Rockbridge)
A mushroom because I'm 14:

This was a "Mommy! Take my picture doing this!"
Girl with walking stick:
Lookin gup a tree (no zoom!)
We stopped at Rockbridge on our way down and ate lunch under the formation. We forgot most of the stuff we needed to bring, like E's antibiotics, towels, my toothbrush, etc. We also forgot the $%#^ vegan marshmellows. And John's brake pads went out on the way down, so we spent a few hours waiting around for pharmacies to be called and cars to be fixed. I'm so glad we stopped here first!

Me and the girl. See you soon!