Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eaten alive

The mosquitoes this morning were insane. We put Deep Woods Off on before we started hiking, while hiking, again while hiking, and eventually we were just hiking while spraying off. We each are still bitten. Little fuckers were everywhere, and vicious! We're going to try a different trail next time, preferably one not ruled by the Vengeful God of Bloodsuckers.

I checked on the tracking for my FMG order. It's estimated my beads will be here on the 16th. WAH! But! Yesterday we got the IRS letter telling us that we would get our stimulus check by...the 11th. The day we got the letter. So the check should be here very soon! The majority is going into E's college fund, the rest will probably stimulate the economy. Let's just say I'm a certain lady who wants a Wii. I'm using the exercise idea as an excuse. I'd actually be happy with just the game that comes with it, but perhaps also Wii Fit? I need to go look at Wii stuff online. In fact, I'm going to go do that now. enjoy your weekend!

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