Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holy day, Batman!

Yesterday "Moira" and I ("Alice"-not my real name. Apparently I gripe like an old woman named Alice. I have no idea where Moira came from-stupid dead brain cells.) Moira and I went to the bank. I don't know if I mentioned this here before, but I change diapers, sing songs and finger paint for a living. Thank christ I brought someone with me that has a clue, because I am disabled when it comes to money, interest rates, credit score hits, etc etc etc. After that admittedly hilarious fiasco, (we discussed marriage so that it could be a joint account and had the bank ladies guffawing) and successfully setting up an account that does not connect to any of our other accounts, Beck and I did the fun stuff.

We walked through part of the car show going on in the town I live in. Beck peed her pants at a bunch of cars, I laughed at her, and I also learned a lot about old cars. It was freaking hot. We stopped back at my house so I could change clothes because it was too freaking hot. I also made her feel my lovely lady lump, because John refuses to touch it. So I freaked Beck out, changed into a grease stained tank top (I didn't know it was grease stained until later, to be fair) and we went to a cool little quilting shop. My girl, she has great taste in fabric. This was prep work-we got fabric for her fabulous headbands she'll be selling. And fabric for some bags I'll be making. Then we had lunch. And dessert! Then we went to the bead shop. Like I said, prep work. We were getting stuff to make stuff to sell in the shop we were going to set up that evening.

Clearly, we had no idea what we were doing.

Somewhere around 10:30 pm last night I'm saying "Oh fuck this" and "The email will work if I have to go down to yahoo and beat somebody's head in." We took turns getting frustrated because it was not the account number we needed for all the sites, but the credit card number for the associated account. The card that we will receive in 5 business days.

If we can't switch cards, I'm going to pee in Etsy's shoes. Then I'm going to cry and start all over again. Ugh.

But! The site exists, and we have stuff to put in it. I'm having my biopsy tomorrow, so things won't get going until after that, but we're almost there! I'm going to convo my guru soon (dinner time now!) for help. Thank you for experiencing my technical difficulties with me. Husband is making huffing noises about coming to the table.

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HollyLynne said...

good luck w/ the boob today!!!