Thursday, July 31, 2008

I might pass out while typing this

I have to tell you the truth: I have been more tired than this before. Many times. But I'm out of practice, so this seems like the most tired ever to me right now. Snnnork!

We had a great weekend, but it was very busy and very sleep deprived. I have had a complication or two from the surgery last week, and am on pain meds and am uncomfortable. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow for some more meds, and the issues should clear up by next week. (Shingles sucks. Chronic shingles just keeps on suckin') On Saturday we took E to a kid's amusement park, where she was adored by her cousins. She rode her first roller coaster, bumper car, airplane ride, etc etc etc. Her favorite appeared to be the scrambler, and I am so proud of my girl! She was fearless! She also held up really well through a long hot day. Plus, she was very brave. Her cousin Allie won her a poink lizard, which is a dinosaur to our girl. It looks like a dinosaur to me, too. John tried to win me a prize, but didn't quite get one. I won the kids a toy each, and ate some icee and funnel cake. It was a fantastic day!

Sunday we went on a tour of (insert large midwest city here) to see my sister and her dude, as well as old college friends of John's and their boy. He had a birthday party, with Curious George and all the trimmings. He's 2, adorable, and sweet. We then got lost, backtracked, realized we left the bag with all my medicine at the party, backtracked again, and finally made it home last night after having a huge fight. You know how sometimes couples just need to have a big fight to clear the air and release some couple tension? I love the fact that when taht bubble pops, it pops no matter where you are, especially when where you are is trapped in a car. So John and I are good with each other again, but my eyes are puffy. E was in the car with us, which kept the fight civil and sans cussing. Funny story, as we were fighting she kept repeating things I'd said. Good thing I have learned to get mad and not swear! I'd prefer not to argue around her, but perhaps she will learn that conflict is inevitable sometimes, and that it's OK to disagree, as long as you fight fair and remember that love is more importnant than the disagreement. Or we could skip long car rides in the future. Either way...

The unfair bit was last night after we got home. I did a bunch of little things to myself accidentally, like slamming my finger in the shower door and managing to create a suction cup out of my lower back and getting stuck to the floor and then giving myself a hickie-type rash getting unstuck. (Long story) Tonight I'm going out with my friend Jen, and hopefully that will take my mind off the surly demon that ate my sweet girl last night and replaced her in her bed.

This has been the least crafty post ever.

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