Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's just a step to the left...

It's time to adjust some things around here. The boys are ready to give up their morning nap, and for sanity's sake I think it's time. The youngest girl has moved to a big girl chair (no more booster!) and everyone is eating big kid food to some extent. That's the great and frustrating part of life: it never stays the same. Good or bad, time just keeps moving.

I got a call from the next doctor's office this morning, and I go in for a consultation tomorrow. Ugh. Just do the damn biopsy, OK? I don't want another breast exam, especially not from a stranger, and a guy to boot. My boobs fall under the "My Property" category of my life, and I am extremely specific about who gets to see or touch them. I know that this is normal practice, but still. Half the state saw my lady bits when I gave birth, my boobs are the only secret I have left! The consult is tomorrow at one pm est. After that they'll schedule the biopsy within two weeks. Ugh ugh ugh.


Beans said...

Also, I should be exempt from the word verification. Just sayin'
..........what? dumb blond moment.

Domesticrazy said...

When someone posts a comment to your blog they have to type in a verification "word" like "yuji6lb." After 10 years your damn blog should know me. In fact, it should be out buying my lingerie right now.