Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Late nights and batteries

Last night Beans and I got to scheming...and planning...and laughing. I think sometimes that the two of us could accomplish anything together. Well, almost anything. Don't ask us to line dance or not crack wise. There are limits. But we've hammered out a few visits, some ideas for stuff to sell at her craft show booth, some logo ideas, business card issues and more.

Goal: Etsy store open by Sunday.

Lofty goal, but realistic, I think. Let me know if I'm forgetting anything, but here's my list:
  1. Open bank account for Etsy/Pay pal exclusive use.
  2. Call Pay Pal and set up account
  3. Connect Pay Pal account to Etsy store
  4. Post pictures of goods in Etsy store and figure out how the hell to load banner/make store pretty/figure out shipping/man am I bad at this crap
  5. Enjoy craft empire
I might be missing a few steps here...let me know if I'm about to really fuck up here, OK?

It has been reported that the Wii Fit is loved by a co-worker, and that each exercise opens a new one once it is mastered. I like the idea of exercise as a game, and at this point it beats the everloving fuck out of another 15 or 30 minutes with Leslie Sansone. John showed me some videos of people playing, and it looks fun, so we may give that a shot in the future.

I'd have pictures of the bathroom for you, and the stuff I've made, but the camera up and died when I turned it on. The batteries are charging as you read this. Someday!

Beads are still not here. FedEx finally updated the tracking info, and they left yet another FedEx location this morning, but they are still not in my STATE, so the July 16 arrival date seems to be accurate. Sing it with me! Ooooh the waaaaitiiiiiing is the hardest paaaaaaart.....

I am wearing no lotion, deodorant, fragrance, etc. Apparently you need to go in stinking, flaky and with bad hair to get a mammogram. My yoga instructor gave me some mudras to do to help me keep calm, and she and a friend that has recovered from breast cancer walked me through what to expect. I think that's the scariest part of anything, the not knowing what to expect. I'm just wondering now if I'm going to leak on the machine when they squish me. Bets are welcome.

Lastly, the laundry situation in this house is out of control. If I'm not back in a few days, it means the laundry has killed me. Donate to your favorite charity.

UPDATE! Milk seems to be from hormones. I have a mass in my left hooter, so I got the ultra sound upgrade during my visit. They're not terribly concerned so I go back in 6 months to get it checked out again. If you've not had a mammogram yet, be warned: they put band-aids with metal studs on your nipples. Combined with the hospital gown and lack of any products for face, hair or stink, I was literally walking around singing "I feel pretty!"


HollyLynne said...

bandaids with METAL STUDS?!?!?!?!?! Thats just so not fair.

I'm glad you "passed" though!

Etsy wise . . .I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR SHOP!!! You're not forgetting anything big . . . everything else (aside from paypal and acutally listing items) you can learn as you go. You know you can always ask if you have any issues!!!

Beans said...

ok i would so love to do the banner thing, they have this really good tutorial on etsy and it takes you step by step through setting up a site. Pretty us proof. If you want we can do that next weekend when i hop down for a visit.
Hey band aids with metal studs sounds like something i did in college wait no that wasnt me. Anyway super excited that everything with the dr went "ok" too. just think if breast milk was an alternative fuel source we would be rich.

Domesticrazy said...

Thanks HollyLynne! You might end up getting frantic convos from Beck and I next weekend. (not the one coming up in 2 days-the one after that) I'm still going to try and get this baby up by/on Sunday, so you may get a few before that, too! I think we'll try to hammer out all the issues and give the shop a polish when Beck is here, but at least it will be up and running soon.

Hooray for Etsy tutorials! Didn't know they existed! Maybe I should hire out as a wet nurse, or seduce a scientist so that breat milk IS an alternative fuel source!