Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lumpy the elephant and not horking

Someone is messing with me. We've been dealing with a very irritating smoke/CO2 alarm issue since Tuesday, and last night at 2 am all the damn alarms decided to go off. This sucked for several reasons. Let me list them numerically for you:
  1. Due to insomnia and not being able to take my Ambien with Vicodin (I'm afraid to mix) I was up until 2 am. I had just laid down and started to drift off when the alarms started.
  2. We were up from 2 until 4:30 due to all the alarms being connected, a faulty pack of batteries John had to run to the store and replace, and hidden smoke alarms that we needed to find and change the batteries in so all alarms would shut the hell up.
  3. Phantom beeps for the rest of the night, all in our heads waking us up in panics.
  4. Not knowing if the alarms were being assholes or if we had a CO2 leak in the house.
Oddly enough, after getting up several times before the alarms, E slept through the whole alarm fiasco. I'm very grateful for that one small gift from last night, but man, kids are weird little creatures.

Craft night last night was good, but sadly enough everyone didn't jump up and hand me stuff to put in the shop. I keep forgetting I'm more excited than everyone else, and they are not going to stay up late dreaming about the shop the way I do. Aside from shop talk, though, we had a fantastic time. Well, I did. I can't vouch for anyone else. But! I'm starting to look forward to Wednesday nights more and more each week. It's nice to have a group of girls to talk and listen to. Next week the gathering will be at my house, and we're going to play with bottle caps, spray paint, decoupage and resin. Woo hoo! Marlene also placed a huge Fire Mountain Gem order, so I have that to look forward to. Group ordering is the way to go, I think. And I admire her for doing the order-I'd be too confused. As we were looking through the catalog she almost talked me into a $50 cut stone package, and if I'd had the $50 I would have caved. I'm hoping to run a present and the cash over to her tonight, but we'll have to see how that goes...

Tuesday night I tried to finish an elephant that I'd started for one of the kids in the day care. As you can see from the title, Lumpy didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I'm going to try him again tonight, and see if maybe I can sew something that doesn't look like it has a horrible disease.

Boob status, day 4: We're doing better! I appear to have stopped lactating. It still feels like I am, but there have been no spots on my shirts for two days now. I didn't take the vicodin until 10:45 this morning, and I'm trying to wean off that onto just ibuprofen this weekend. The incision site is bruised and turning a sick yellow color, which means it's healing well. Ugh, the itch. I'm really happy with how well everything is healing and feeling, and grateful that this wasn't more severe or scary. I'm also glad that I didn't have to have anything else removed...I heard stories of a breast reduction last night that made me hurt for the lady. Her quote from waking up from surgery and seeing her father for the first time in two years: "Holy crap, I can see my feet!" Best. Reaction. Ever. The lady in question also gave me a pin that looks like intestines with a rose on top, so she's a new hero in my tiny world. I heart craft night, and I have other, naughty feeling for it as well. (shhh!)

I think that coffee and vicodin were not a great mix, given the feeling of impending hork I've had for the last twenty minutes or so. I needed the coffee (see opening paragraph) and the pain relief (see left boob) but the combo is not one I'll repeat unless absolutley neccesary. Right now I just feel like laying down for a few hours, but the kids can't cook for themselves. I'm going to go whip up some PB&J, change some diapers and hope for a good naptime today. I HOPE to update with some pics of finished stuff tonight. I'm looking for constructive critism about the shots, because I don't want to look like a sped when I post the photos to the shop for people to maybe buy things. If you let me know what you think about prices, too, I'll not only love you and cherish you, but I'll send you a gift in the mail. What can you lose?

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