Thursday, July 24, 2008

My boob! and other musings

Monday I will go in and have a mass removed from my left breast. Mass will then go to pathology, be declared cancer-free, and I'll get some demerol in the process. Outpatient surgery, mass gone. The guy I had the consultation with yesterday groped me, declared that the mass felt benign, and also thought we should get it out just to be sure. I'm looking forward to this being done, by gum!

I found a new bead shop on my way to craft night last night. It's in an old house, it has great prices and a huge selection, and I can't wait to go back. My next purchase will probably be a hammer and block to flatten metal. (I love working with wire!) I'll be taking Beck there this weekend on our way to the quilt and stained glass shop she wants to visit. We need to go to the bank, get business cards ordered, have a couple drinks and GET THE SHOP OPEN! You're all invited to the grand opening party. No rum.

As I was making bracelets and watching kung fu with the girls last night, I started thinking about all the wonderful people who have inspired me lately. Beck, who is a huge inspiration and awesome friend, mentioned how cool it is that we know and talk to bloggers as far away as California. Hollylynne, let me take the time to tell you that you rock! Thanks for getting me into beading. Beck, thanks for encouraging me to sew again, keepig me going and being the awesome and talent that is you. Marianne, thanks for all the help and lessons and great ideas and craft night. There is so much information, inspiration, talent and creativity out there. Even if I never make a dime from all the creating I do, I'll still be grateful that I've found this artistic outlet. And memory wire. So much fun!

Ahh, time to clean macaroni off the floor, table, walls and ceiling. I might take a picture of my boob, too. To remember it as it was before Senor Mass came to town.


Marlene said...

I was talking to my mom about this she said no need to worry. She had this done too. And it was no big deal. And out get a cute little scar on your boob too! Grrrr Savage! You can tell people you got it in a knife fight.

Let us know how it goes!


HollyLynne said...

you made my sorry, poor, pms-y ass cry! :)
i can't wait for your shop to open and i'm sooooo glad if i've helped inspire you! Etsy has been a wonderful, wonderful experience for me and since I know how fantastic it can be, I'm so excited watching you start out on as well!
Very jealous about your bead store, my local one is totally overpriced! Also, agree whole heartedly re: no rum. Eugh!