Friday, July 11, 2008

On the morrow

I must confess, I didn't go anywhere near a camera or computer Wednesday night or yesterday. I need to stop making promises here I can't keep, but I'm such a tease. I'm the prom date that is disappointing, after having gotten her limo ride, fancy dinner and smuggled wine coolers I still refuse to put out. Honestly, though, I really feel bad about saying I'm going to do something and then not getting it done. Mid year resolution: make no promises/comments I can't keep. It doesn't count for resolutions, though. I'mma keep making those until I'm blue.

The bead update, because I know you want to know what's going on in every part of my dull life. My order from Fire Mountain is in Portland, OR. Chances it will get here today: NONE. Unless they fly it, and I doubt a Fed Ex Ground service is going to help me with my bead lust by suddenly deciding to fly their ground shipments. Bastards that they are. How do you stand the waiting? AAAaaaaahhhhhhhh

Good news! Loving wonderful friend has new blog. Visit her here:
She said she had to spell magical wrong because someone else had it. Why?! Can two people both be so into beans? Fear should the two ever meet, we will all be gassed to hell.

Today John said something about something, and I told him to keep calm and carry on. It has become a new catch phrase around here. John wants to Macro a picture of a Klingon with it. For some reason a Klingon with a phrase about keeping calm and carrying on cracks his shit up to no end. I married a weirdo. Said weirdo wants to put tempeh on a grill tonight. Pray for me, praying people. Everyone else either drink or go out for dinner. I have lost hope for my dinner.

Eh, to continue the randomness of this and all my other posts, let me tell you about my weekend. I'm going "hiking" tomorrow, if you can call walking around in the dry, flat and hot midwest hiking. After that we're taking E to her dance class, then lunch and nap, and then, who knows? We might go crazy and start staining the fence again. Sunday is for groceries and laundry. I've been promised time to set up a bank account at a bank that is not out current one, so that when hackers rip off my Pay Pal info they won't get all of our money. This is step one of the Etsy Shop You Have Heard About But does Not Yet Exist. I figure if Becky is going to make such nice stuff, I might as well get my ass in gear and sell it for her. That, and support my "beading habit" as it is now known 'round here. Self funding is the goal, so that I do not go into debt and start stealing from old ladies so I can buy more gemstones and wire.

I took E to the pool last night for family swim night, and it went realy well! She was awesome, made friends, and didn't pee in the pool. That I noticed. So we'll be doing that again soon. So much easier with one child! But now I'm spent, so off to monitor naptime. Tell me, what are you doing this weekend? And has your FMG order arrived yet? And did you make me a headband? And what about Rodrigo? Does he marry Silvia, or does he chose Tristan, the stable boy? I MUST KNOW!


HollyLynne said...

i didn't even blink when you suggested stealing from old ladies. Beads are a cruel mistress.

my fire mountain order will be here on Monday . . . I'll mourn for us over the sad, beadless weekend!

Beans said...

You must tell me the colors you and E would like. I have some really cute monster fabric that I was going to use for her. Better than the ballerina one. I also was thinking of setting up an account on photobucket so people can just go and pick what they want. You know me and fabric too much is never enough. Good luck w. those beads. I ordered a necklace from hollylynne so im psyched to get that.

HollyLynne said...

i THOUGHT you must be the same beans! :) Hi!

Beans said...

ok let me just say the 2 of you convinced me to go to that Fire mountain site. AAAGGGHHHH. That is insane. My head exploded just from the home page. Then I did a search for bails, for those beach glass things and ding ding ding. SO MANY CRAFTS SO LITTLE TIME.