Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Orders and squishes

I placed my first order with Fire Mountain yesterday, so I now waiting with baited breath for my stuff to get here. I made it over the 15 item line, and wow! It really is worth it. I ordered a lot of pearls and millefiori glass, and some cones. I've wanted to try cones for ages. (weeks at least, anyway) It would really, really easy to go bankrupt on that site. I managed to stay within my budget, but just barely!

The boob stupid goes on. I'm still lactating, but more so. I finally called my family doctor, who is a saint that poops gold as far as I am concerned. She scheduled a diagnostic mammogram. I had no idea that there were different types! I go in next Tuesday. She also called in a scrip for some medicine to dry me up. Life is a strange trip, yes? I'm trying to roll with it. In fact, I think I'm going to order the "Keep calm and carry on" print from Etsy. I've seen it so many times, but I saw it on Indie Home Ec today, and it struck a nerve. Probably because one of the kids has diaper rash and his mom started freaking out and I started to have a panic attack. DIAPER RASH IS NOT MY FAULT. THE BOY IS TEETHING. Christ, I feel like such a freak sometimes. I'm trying hard to let it go. Because I do need to keep calm and carry on, you know? Anything else is silly.

I'm going to take pictures of my jewelry at craft night tonight, and post them on the morrow. I'm hoping to set up a bank account tonight for Pay Pal, and then get that fabled store up. It's time to make this hobby start working hard for the money!


Beans said...

Dude I have some headbands I have been cranking out for possibly a craft show sooooo. I will take pix and email them to you. If you want I will make some for your shop. I was going to start one up soon anyway either way. Let me know. I will also try to get the beach glass thing going I just need to get the bit and the bails for them. Should be done this weekend as well. Tootles!

Marlene said...

It's me!!!

I found it. Those are great pictures.

HollyLynne said...

i have a fire mountain order coming my way right now too!!! we can anxiously anticipate together :)

honestly . . . their prices . . . it can add up but they're really sooooo much cheaper than most bead stores. I made this insane necklace for my mom in all sterling and pearls that ended up costing only about $35. I'm going to post it eventually!

And yep, Keep Calm and Carry On . . .SUCH a good reminder :) Glad to hear its helpful for teething . . .its been very helpful for mortgage issues as well!