Monday, July 28, 2008

Super Secret High Tech Shop Preview Post!

Moira & Alice (Etsy shop moiraandalice) will have items listed as soon as I
  • get the credit card from the bank
  • change the credit card for fees on Etsy
  • figure out how the hell to do it
But! We do have stuff made and ready to go. And since you've been such staunch and loyal supporters through all my addled mind can dish out, I've decided to give you a little preview of our stuff. (Let's be honest, I'm dipping my toe in the water. Self doubt...)

Beck made some beautiful headbands, one of which I am wearing right now. It's mine! NFS! But the ones E and I haven't hoarded will be in the shop for sale, as well as some jewelry and a purse I am so proud I made. I'm resisting the urge to cuddle the bag this very minute.

I learned a lot about taking shots for your store today, too. For instance, our favorite brown cover that's so soft and perfect for cuddling up with? It looks like muppet fur up close.

Here's my favorite un-hoarded headband. They're reversible, even!

This is some material I bought at the local quilt shop Beck found online. I'm thinking a bag, or wristlet, or I don't know. Placemats might be cool, too. Or coasters? So prettyyyy...

What would you make out of it?


HollyLynne said...

i LOVE those fabrics!!! the headbands are gonna be killer. And I love the jewelry, is thtat citrine on the silver tribal face looking piece? so pretty. although, yeah, i agree re: the muppet blanket!!! i used to have a black velvety blanket that i used for photos. light backgrounds seem to photograph better, for my stuff anyhow. natural light is important too, but it looks like you're doing that!

re: the card: you can change at any time i think ... also, etsy doesn't bill your fees as you go, they bill you once a month. and even then, you have to go through your account and accept the bill.

ps: i would've asked to see boob thing too. was it gnarly?

Domesticrazy said...

Yeah. The guy mentioned some "gristle" which was probably the bloody stuff. They looked like two wine corks made out of the white fat you cut off meat. Which just ramps up my vegetarian resolve, not that it was lacking!

Thanks for the photo tips! Realizing my photos looked like they had been shot on muppet cracked me up far longer than it should have. And yep, that's citrine. I can't wait for you to see the real photos!