Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vicodin is kicking in again

Boob status: Better now that the vicodin is kicking in. It hurts, but not so much that it's not bearable. The worst was this morning when the batteries died in one of our smoke alarms and I tried to change the battery after wrangling babies. Once that was over I had to sit down to get rid of the little spots in my eyes. Keeping my arm down seems to be key. All in all, though, I couldn't ask for a better report and recovery so far. I get to take a shower tonight, I'm not bleeding through my bandage, and whatever was in me is not safely out and away. I might even get a tattoo around the scar after my next (hopefully) baby. I've never wanted a boob tattoo, but if I'm going to have a scar there anyway...

So! I made more jewelry last night all hopped up on my pain pills. I really love the peice I made with snowflake obsidian, citrine and an obsidian turtle. I can't wait for the card to get here so I can start posting items for sale in the shop. (Thanks for the info Hollylynne! I knew the card was only charged once a month. I swear I did. And NO WAY I forgot because of the drugs...not at all...) Beck has done so much work getting our policies together, contacting a lady about the banners and card designs and such. I'm really impressed that so many people have opened shops on their own. There's just so much to get set up and keep an eye on, there's no way I could do it alone! Luckliy I have smart friends. Friends who are nice and help me, and who anly laugh a little when I act like an idiot.

Tonight is going to be a sewing night, since tomorrow is craft night and I know I can bead there. It was really odd, but once Beck got here my urge to sew came back. I've wanted to sew a few times lately, but my gumption left as soon as I went into the sewing room. After having made a bag I'm proud of, and seeing Beck whip out those headbands, I'm raring to go again. I wonder if that means I'm not a "self-starter?" I prefer to think that I'm just waiting until the time is right. What? It's plausible.

Well, the vicodin is making me addle-brained, and all the kids are asleep, so I'm going to go space out in the quiet for a little bit. If you can think of something fun for me to sew, you know, a challenge kind of thing, leave it in the comments. Otherwise I'm going to make bags tonight, because they are so easy and I don't need a pattern. Off to space!


HollyLynne said...

eewwwww about boob thing. yeah, totally adds to the veggie resolve. although, after a while, being veggie, for me anyway seems, like such the right thing to do that it seems odd to think of not eating meat as having "resolve" . . . some non-veggie friends have commented on my "willpower" and I've thought, "well, yeah, I refuse to eat nasty s**t, so if you want to think of that as willpower then great, but I prefer to think of it as just not being disgusting"

then again, i can't seem to give up cheese even though i know thats pretty nasty stuff too. did you know cheese contains chemicals that convert to morphine in the body? that explains so much!

that was some tangent!!! sorry to leave my own blog post in your comments :)

i'm glad you've got good drugs and some craftyness planned for the next few nights!

Domesticrazy said...

HA HA! I feel the same way about the meat thing-even being (mostly) vegan. (We buy local, cruelty free eggs and cheese, but cheeses of all manner are my downfall. Morphine? Now I have a new excuse! Yummy morphine!)

People keep saying things about willpower, and I thought that would be true before I became a veggie. Now I just smile and think about the line in a Fugazi song about "being able to look you in the eyes now that I'm not killing you," VERY paraphrased there!

HollyLynne said...

did you just name check fugazi in a blog comment?!?!? you're my hero! :D

god, I wish there were cows in Los Angeles so I could have local cheese. That would open up a whole new world of morphine-y goodness. I mean cheesy, of course ;)