Monday, July 7, 2008

We found where the fairies live

Hi! We're back from vacation, and right now my little darling is standing in the corner screaming "NO!" She was so wonderful and sweet the whole vacation week. Life returns to normal.

We went to Hocking Hills, Ohio this year. I really went for the hot tub and cabin in the woods, but both were overshadowed by the gorgeous and breathtaking parks. We went hiking every morning, cooked over an open fire every night but the last one, and had a nice, relaxing time.

The scenery at Old Man's Cave, Rockbridge and Conkel's Hollow was so gorgeous that I now want to move to a place that's similar. One of the things that was difficult about these pictures (aside from my camera's battery troubles and my lack of skill) is that the rock formations, etc are so huge you just can't get a sense of scale. Also, I couldn't fit everything into the frame without leaving the trail. As a hippie, that is not something I'm willing to do.
Do you see those people on the right? Over them is a huge rock outcropping. This IS Old Man's Cave-named for a hermit who found the place and lived there with his dogs. Can you imagine living in a place like this?
In the middle of the park we found this concrete bridge. Art Deco out of nowhere! Each peice is free-standing.I also took a picture from a bridge above it. All the dark parts are the spaces between the structures. I'm still trying to find out who built it and why.

We went to Old Man's Cave twice. I forgot my camera the first time, so we went back after checking out on Friday. The first time we hiked through it had been dry for a few days. The second time it had rained the night before, and the entire place was transformed! There were new waterfalls everywhere. It was misty and mystical and magical and moving. I'm Dr. Suess. Anyway, the cave you see below E actually was able to crawl around in on the first visit. The second time the water was too deep to cross to get there. Well, too deep for a two year old who has a lengthy car ride ahead of her.

This place is called "The Devil's Bathtub" It's shaped just like a big tub, but once you're in it's nearly impossible to get out.

E's favorite place was Conkle's Hollow. This is a picture of the full grown forest that is growing above the waterfall. You could stand under full grown forest. Holy shit.

E in front of the waterfall. I wish this one would have turned out a little clearer-it's one of my favorites.
The view from inside the cave.
Here John and E are inside "The Grotto." The rock it's cut out of was too big fro me to get the whole thing in the picture.

It seems that touching things with sticks is really cool. This was a small rock that had fallen just before a new trail was put in. Despite how small it was, they moved the trail around it.

Some people for perspective.

My favorite picture: (at Rockbridge)
A mushroom because I'm 14:

This was a "Mommy! Take my picture doing this!"
Girl with walking stick:
Lookin gup a tree (no zoom!)
We stopped at Rockbridge on our way down and ate lunch under the formation. We forgot most of the stuff we needed to bring, like E's antibiotics, towels, my toothbrush, etc. We also forgot the $%#^ vegan marshmellows. And John's brake pads went out on the way down, so we spent a few hours waiting around for pharmacies to be called and cars to be fixed. I'm so glad we stopped here first!

Me and the girl. See you soon!

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HollyLynne said...

oh my gosh, AWESOME place!!! No wonder you look so happy in that last picture, it must've been a fabulous vacation!!!